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Tik Tok Hair Trends heatless hair

Explore the vast world of TikTok hair care, where millions are discovering simple and effective ways to enhance their hair’s health and appearance. From achieving flawless curls without heat to stimulating hair growth with natural oils, here’s how you can tap into these trending secrets.

1. #HeatlessCurls Perfect Curls Overnight

I recently tried the Heatless Hair Silk Curling Ribbon, a popular choice among TikTok’s #HeatlessCurls trend, which boasts 8.9 billion views.

Heatless Hair silk curling ribbon
Heatless Hair silk curling ribbon

The result? I woke up to nice, big, bouncy curls! It’s an amazing way to achieve gorgeous curls without risking heat damage. Simply wrap your damp hair around the silk ribbon before bed, and voila, wake up with perfect curls. For more details on my experience and other vanity refreshers, check out this review.

2. #RosemaryOil for Hair Growth: A Commitment to Consistency

The power of rosemary oil in stimulating hair growth has taken TikTok by storm, evident from its 3.1 billion views under #RosemaryOil. This popular video on the platform emphasizes the importance of consistent application for seeing real results.

@alexandrarriaga Send this to your friend that is using Rosemary oil #rosemaryoil #rosemaryoilforhairgrowth #hairgrowth #sciencebasedhaircare #sciencebasedhairtips #chemist #hairtok2023 #androgeneticalopecia #hairlosstips ♬ original sound – Alexandra Alegria Arriaga

The video explains how to properly use the oil and integrate it into your routine for optimal hair growth. Rosemary oil, enriched with carnosic acid, has proven benefits if applied regularly, ensuring the scalp is nourished and the hair follicles are stimulated.

3. Split End Removal: Mastering the Art of #HairDusting

Are you dealing with annoying split ends but don’t want to lose your hair’s length? #HairDusting, with 24.2 million views, might be your solution. This precise technique allows you to snip away split ends while preserving the overall length of your hair.

@anarvra Dont be shy.. cut them. #howtocutsplitends #splitends #hairdusting #howtogetridofsplitends #cleangirlaesthetic #satisfying #foryou ♬ See you again – ❆⸆⸉

It’s essential to use the right tools—specifically sharp hair-cutting scissors—and to practice patience as you work through your hair. Though it’s a meticulous process, the results are worth it for maintaining both length and health.

4. Enhanced Cleanliness: #DoubleShampooing for Healthier Hair

The #DoubleShampooing technique, which has garnered 7 million views, involves a two-step cleaning process designed to thoroughly remove dirt and oil buildup. The first wash targets and breaks down scalp oils and residues, while the second wash ensures all impurities are washed away. I never thought of it this way but it makes a lot of sense. This method not only deep cleans but also enhances the effectiveness of other hair care products by allowing better absorption. If you’re looking for a way to keep your scalp cleaner and extend time between washes, double shampooing might be perfect for you.

@kateabrames Everyone should be shampooing their hair twice but especially if you have an oily scalp or want hair growth! ☺️ #hairgrowth #hairloss #shampootwice #shampooforgrowth #hairoil #scalpoil #hairthinning #finehair #oilyhair #oilyroots #oily #damagedhair #hairwontgrow #hairgrowthoil #hairtreatments #hairsecrets #hairhacks #hairtips ♬ original sound – Kate Abrames

Many thanks to Charlie Winman from foxyhair.com for sharing with us these fabulous points about Tik Tok hair trends. Charlie also points out, “Everyone’s hair is different due to genetics and lifestyle choices. It’s vital to research and maybe even test a small section of your hair with these trends to ensure they are suited to your specific hair care needs.

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