An Easy Way To Make Pet Care Neater

I have had a pet almost all of my life. Being the oldest of all the children I was often tasked with feeding and cleaning up after them. Oh, boy they were messy! Cat litter clean up was the worst, dog food and water spilled everywhere. Now my children are helping take care of our puppy and the messes continue. 🙂


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Keeping Food and Water off the Floor

When the kids feed our dog, Echo, it’s almost always a mess. They mean well but little hands are still learning and sometimes bowls get bumped or spilled. Of course it’s not really a big deal and it’s a get teaching moment, but it gets old sometimes. We have tried floor mats and different types of bowls but nothing really seemed to make a difference. Until now.

Neater Feeder collage

Neater Feeder Keeps the Mess Contained

When I learned about the Neater Feeder I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Echo is a messy drinker, so we end up with water everywhere and Kiernan loves to feed her but often spills both her food and water.  The Neater Feeder is a fool-proof easy to use feeding system, that keeps the floor clean. It works so well, water runs down to the bottom and the food rests on the top tray. Clean up is as easy as a rinse and wash down with soapy water. I use a drop dawn to clean ours.  Now the food and water stay right where they belong. Also I love that Echo’s food and water are up higher so as she gets older she isn’t stooping down to eat. It’s much better for her neck and back. It also works well to keep babies from throwing the food everywhere. 🙂

neater feeder

What about the cats?

You can get a smaller Neater Feeder for your cats too! Cats often enjoy batting their food around the house. With Neater Feeder their food is in one area… and the mess is less! Cats have a whole other mess too….litter boxes! So let’s see how Neater Pet Brands has solved that problem!


Neater Scooper: Scoop the Poop and Save the Mess.

Scooping out a litter box can be the worst. Spilling litter and those scoopers can get gross. We always had to use a grocery bag…:( and sometimes they would have a little hole in them…. eww.  The Neater Scooper keeps everything self contained and is easy to use. I think the Neater Scooper is best for households with only one or two cats who clean their litter boxes frequently! Otherwise it’s a little hard to fit all that poo in the bag. Think of it as scooping and bagging in one swoop.

neater scooper




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