The Place Finding Ways to Relax at Home

As I get older I enjoy just having more moments at home with my family. I love being cozy and spending time relaxing. As a mom with two soon to be three children I sometimes forget how to relax. My goal this winter is to relax and enjoy. We recently stopped by The Place’s showroom for some ideas to achieve that goal.

Showroom at The Place

This is not a sponsored post. I received a discount for a set of posts.

What Is The Place?

The Place is the place to go for relaxation products. They are a family owned local business. Upon walking in to The Place we were greeted with 20,000 square feet of relaxation options. We could feel the warmth of both the fireplaces and the staff.  We were promptly assisted by Joe who started us on our information journey.  We had hot tubs, fireplaces and outdoor barbeques on all sides of us. Many were running so you could see exactly how they work.

Waterfall Hot Tub

Hot Tubs/Spas

While walking around The Place, I was amazed with the number of different styles and option available in hot tubs and spas. They are no longer boring squares, they come in many shapes, colors and sizes.  The Place also has some amazing accessories, covers and gazebos. They have one that amazed me, The Covana Automatic Cover and Gazebo. The Covana is a open air gazebo and hot tub cover all in one! Turn a key, to rasie and lower the cover!  I dream of having a hot tub or spa for our own back yard, If I could choose I would select The Covana to cover it!



The Place has all your fireplace needs. We have a simple gas start fire place so we loved seeing the options. We could go very basic and add some gas logs to our fire place, or we could look at a full gas insert,or just  do a refacing.  They also have stoves available in conventional and efficient wood burners, gas, pellet or electric. They have so many options including mantles and surrounds, fire place accessories and more.

pizza oven

Outdoor Cooking

Doug loves to grill and … I love to eat grilled food. A perfect pairing!  In the time we have been together we have had two grills the 1st was to small for our growing family, the 2nd was larger but has caught itself on fire a few times. We would love to add an outdoor kitchen to our home. The Place has gas and charcoal grills as well as pizza and brick ovens! Doug was drooling over this part of the showroom floor.  Maybe a new outdoor kitchen would keep me out of the kitchen and him in BBQ heaven. Be sure to check out the Big Green Egg you can do so much with them.

The place

Finding Our Relaxation

After talking with Joe at length and wandering around turning thing on and off. We decided we did need to add one of these to our home. We need to spend more time relaxing as a family and The Place gave us all the options we wanted and more. With amazing service to boot!  So keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about what we decided on! In the mean time head over to The Place and find your relaxation.

The Place Logo

The Place

2377 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256
(330) 239-4000

Medina, OH 44256

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