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Are you looking for a birth doula in Akron, Ohio area? If you are looking for an advocate and support during prenatal, labor, birth and early post-partum, Hannah Wolfe is at the ready. As a trained birth doula, she is trained to support and empower you and your wishes before and during your baby’s birth.

She is passionate about creating a loving an warm environment for you (and Dad!) to welcome your new baby into the world. Not only that, but she will be an advocate for you in your wishes for your birth plan.

I was able to chat with Hannah Wolfe about being a birth doula and her passion. It turns out that Hannah has always been obsessed with childbirth, even as a young child as she would ‘deliver baby dolls’ and read her mom’s pregnancy books. At the young age of 14, she knew her calling in life was to be a birth doula.

Hannah Wolfe Doula Philosphy

Hannah’s philosophy is that women are born with the ability to birth their babies. She wishes for women to be informed and know what they would like their birth to look like – be it at home, at the hospital, medicated or not, surrounded by loved ones or alone with their partner. Every mother is unique and as a birth doula, Hannah is able to provide the support and advocacy to give the mother the kind of experience she most desires.

Hannah loves empowering mothers by creating a peaceful and loving environment for families to grow. She brings to your birthing experience her knowledge, skills, and support during your pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum. She uses massage therapy to relax the mothers with reflexology and pressure points.

Why people choose doulas

“Doulas provide, information, support, comfort measures, encouraging words, the tools to advocate for yourself and the birth you want, but most importantly love! Studies have also shown that births have 25% shorter labor, 60% reduction in epidural requests, 50% reduction in caesarean rate, 40% reduction in forceps delivery, with a doula in attendance.”

Personally, I didn’t have a birth doula when I delivered both my children at Akron General Hospital. I had a good birthing experience but I feel like if I had Hannah by my side, I would have felt more in control, know what to expect, and have an advocate by my side to deal with the medical stuff. I would have enjoyed having a shorter labor for sure and with a 40% chance reduction in forceps delivery maybe my son wouldn’t have been in ICU at Akron Children’s Hospital for 3 days with a head hematoma after his forceps delivery!

Why should you choose Hannah Wolfe for your birth  doula in Ohio?

“I am have a calling for creating a peaceful and loving environment  for families to grow. I promise to bring my knowledge, skills, and love while supporting you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.”

“I love empowering mothers, a happy mama, makes a happy baby! I am so privileged to witness earths greatest miracle.”

Hannah helps with both birth and postpartum as a doula. “I will meet with the parent/s several times before the birth, to make sure everybody is comfortable, learn more about the mother, I will provide information, create a birth/ immediate postpartum plan, and start to build a relationship with the birth team.  I will be on call 2 weeks before your due date (and 2 weeks after need be), I am always one call away. I can be there for as much of the birth as you wish.

After birth I will usually stay a few hours, or until breastfeeding is established. If you hire me as a postpartum doula, I can be hired per the hour, I help with info, breastfeeding resources, I can do night shifts to help with care of baby, light housekeeping, meal prep, and many other things that are extremely helpful to postpartum families!”

Birth Doula in Akron, Ohio

Hannah Wolfe is a trained doula, and working on certification with Birth Art International as a Post-partum doula, Birth doula, and childbirth educator.

Her role in the birth of your child is that of a non-medical support person. She would be there to support the parents with comfort measures, information, reassurance, reminders, nurturing, and an advocate.

Learn more about the role of a doula here. Book your FREE consultation with Hannah Wolfe here. Learn about birth doula package here. Connect on Facebook.



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