Pregnancy Companion is the App to Put Your Mind at Ease

With each of my pregnancies I have always wanted to make sure I am taking the best care of myself. With my 1st pregnancy I must have called my OB over 100 times. Checking to see if an over the counter medication was safe, were my contractions the start of labor, etc.  This time I started using a new app, Pregnancy Companion and I love it. It gives me peace of mind in a new, easy way.preg main screen

I received application to facilitate this post.

Pregnancy Stages on an App

I recently downloaded the Pregnancy Companion and I love that I have all sorts of information literally right at my finger tips.  I put in my due date and it shows me how far along I am and all the fun thing to know about this stage. Right now I am in week 17 and take a look at what information the Pregnancy Companion shows me. I love the videos that they have that show you what babies look like at each stage.

Ask the Doctors Pregnancy Questions

This is what makes the Pregnancy Companion stand out from other apps I have used. You can actually put a question in and have it answered by an actual doctor. You can ask about anything. People ask all sorts of questions and those are available to see as well as you submitting your own. In addition to giving you educated, professional answers they also refer to other part of the app for further information. I love that I am not bothering my OB but am still getting the information.Meds

Drugs: Over the Counter and More while Pregnant

In the drugs section you can search for any medication and the app clues you into if it is or isn’t safe. Some medications we know are safe. Others we know are not safe at all. As always though you should check with your doctor.

Keep Track of Appointments on App

I love that I can keep track of my appointments in the app. No hunting around for appointment paper work or trying to find it in my calendar. I know this sounds silly but with pregnancy brain this is a life saver.


Download The Pregnancy Companion

This is my favorite pregnancy app, I am sure you will love it too! You can download it here for Apple products and here on Google Play. The main app is free of charge but you can add the feature to be able  to ask the OB’s questions. Just download the app and then upgrade within the app.

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