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Product of the Year 2016

New products are popping up everywhere you look. It is hard to know which ones are worth trying or sticking with your usual. The exception is if the products have won the prestigious Product of the Year award like all of the following. Trust me, you should add these items to your cart on your next shipping trip.Product of the Year 2016

I received product to facilitate this post.

Product of the Year 2016 Winners

To earn the Product of the Year award, these products were voted on by 40,000 of your fellow consumers! All of the below are preferred  items over the competition!

I’ve been using the Tide HE Turbo Clean™ Liquid Detergent and Tide PODS Plus Febreze all month and agree that they are great products. Our clothes have never smelled so clean! I’m a Tide fan anyway, so I knew it would be good with the added Febreze!

I’m also a big fan of finish and was happy to get my dishes sparkling clean with Finish Powerball Max in 1®. The Lysol Click Gel did the job and kept our toilets clean but the smell was a little overpowering for me.

The Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries have been powering my son’s insulin pump all month long and it is still going strong. I plan to check out the Turtle Wax® DASH & GLASS this week with the warmer temperatures we are expecting.

Product of the Year 2016

There are several health and beauty items that won Product of the Year award too including:

Some great food items made the Product of the Year 2016 list too! We’ve really enjoyed the Gold Emblem abound™ Unsalted Pistachio & Almond Blend as a healthy, low-carb snack.  Speaking of low-carb, the Skinny Cow Creamy Iced Coffee, Skinny Cow Dipped Ice Cream Bars, and Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® Smoothies are perfect if you are watching calories and carbs but still want to enjoy a delicious snack!

I’m not sure why I paired the Kleenex® Perfect Fit* Facial Tissues with the food items but it has to be my favorite product of all. I keep one in my cup holder in my car all the time now!

Product of the Year 2016

Our dog, Cali is LOVING the Milk-Bone® Good Morning™ Daily Vitamin Treats. It is the one item that will get to to come inside the house every single time!  The Beyond Purées packet was gobbled up in about 10 seconds flat, so yea, dogs love them too! Product of the Year 2016

Check out all of the items that have won the Product of the Year 2016 Award. Every item is worth a spot in your grocery cart!

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