Affordable Custom Orthotic Insoles for Better Feeling Feet

Affordable Custom Orthotic Insoles

Do you run around bare foot in the Summer? If so, you are probably feeling the pain in your feet, specifically your arch and heels and maybe even your legs, back, and knees.  Maybe you know you need orthotic insoles but can’t afford them. Consider wearing ProFoot orthotic products in your shoes and even your slippers to give your feet the support they need.

My husband suffers from plantar fasciitis year-round, it’s not fun at all. He has found that his feet feels better when he adds an insert like the ProFoot Custom Orthotic insole to his shoes. He wears an insole in every single pair of shoes.

Affordable Custom Orthotic Insoles

It is important to replace insoles when they were out too and especially before going on a trip where you’ll wear the same pair of shoes daily. That is what we did before our recent trip to California. My husband tried the ProFoot Custom Orthotic for all-day relief. There is no way he could have walked the hills of San Francisco without them!

The ProFoot Custom Orthotic insoles are unique in that they are 50% lighter than other gel insoles, helping your legs and feet to feel less tired at the end of the day. They also are custom molded to your foot with Vita-Foam, allowing every single contour of your feet to be supported.

profoot affordable custom orthotic insole

My son started wearing ProFoot orthotic insoles this summer too after he complained that his feet hurt all the time no matter what shoes he wears. I really hate that he is already suffering with achy feet like his dad but I’m glad he is finding relief with ProFoot too.


He uses the ProFoot Triad Orthotic. It supports his heel, arch, and the ball of his foot. These insoles keep his feet aligned, helping to keep his entire body aligned and free from knee, leg, and back pain.

ProFoot insoles are for everyone – men, women, and children. They offer a variety of insoles to target your specific need and in your own size. You can purchase ProFoot insoles at retailers nationwide including Walmart, RiteAid, CVS, Walgreens, and online on

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