Protect Your Kids’ Teeth with Chewing Gum #Orbit4Kids

Having a healthy smile and mouth is important for kids and adults. Developing healthy oral health habits early is important for life-long oral health. We developed an oral health routine when our children were toddlers. In the beginning, we would play music, brush with them, and make it a game. Now that they are older, they know the routine and do the following with little input from mom and dad.

  • Brush 2x daily for 2 minutes each – usually with Sonicare toothbrushes
  • Floss at night, after brushing
  • Rinse with a kids mouth wash once or twice daily

We are now adding a new element to our oral health routine and my kids love it!  Did you know you could protect your kids’ teeth with chewing gum? I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Orbit for Kids. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Protect Your Kids’ Teeth with Chewing Gum #Orbit4Kids

Orbit for Kids is a fun way to protect your kids’ teeth. My family has enjoyed Orbit for years but now they offer 2 fantastic kid flavors of Strawberry Banana and Original Bubble Gum in kid-friendly packaging. I gave each of my kids their own pack and they think that is awesome!


I think it is awesome that my kids think it is a treat but it is actually protecting their teeth! It is great for on-the-go when you can’t brush your teeth!

How Orbit for Kids Protects Kids’ Teeth


  • Chewing Orbit for Kids stimulates saliva flow. Every time you eat, sticky bacteria in your moujth (plaque) begins to produce and attack your teeth. When you increase saliva flow, you are washing away plaque acids and even food particles form your teeth which makes damage done to your teeth less.
  • Chewing Orbit for Kids neutralizes plaque acids as a result of increased saliva.
  • Chewing Orbit for Kids helps clean food debris from teeth when chewed within 15 minutes eating.

While at the BlogHer conference, I met with the Orbit rep. She talked about the two flavors of Strawberry Banana and Original Bubble Gum that kids love and how it is a great addition to oral care. When kids chew Orbit for Kids within 20 minutes of eating or drinking, they are protecting their teeth from bacteria growth, plaque growth, and more. I thought the below sign was great – Don’t let them know it’s good for them!

P1090173We only had the Strawberry Banana flavor to test out but the Original Bubble Gum flavor should be hitting the market soon. My kids love the flavor and want to chew it all day long! They love that the answer is always “yes” when they ask if they can have a piece of gum after they eat now. They think it is a huge treat and I’m happy to know that it is protecting their teeth. I chew it too, it is a fruity, flavorful chewing gum that is soft and easy to chew and enjoy. It’s not only good for kids’ teeth, but adults too!

ADA and Dr. Pollock Approved

Orbit for Kids has received the ADA Seal of Acceptance for its oral care benefits.  Even though I know and trust ADA approved products, I wanted to hear about it from our own dentist. I took a package of Orbit for Kids with us to our visit to my son’s dentist today.P1090288I asked Dr. Pollock if he approves and recommends Orbit for Kids.

“I approve of Orbit for Kids as an extra step in dental care for kids. It doesn’t replace brushing but is a good addition for everyone.”

I trust Dr. Pollock and his opinion as a fantastic pediatric dentist, if you are looking for a dentist in the Cuyahoga Falls area, check out Adam Pollock Pediatric Dentistry. Learn more about our pediatric and special needs dentist in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with my series of kids dental articles.

Orbit for Kids is not a substitute for good oral habits like visiting your dentist regularly, brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and using mouth wash daily. It is a great way to protect your kids’ teeth in between meals, after snacking, and while on-the-go.

Buy Orbit for Kids

You can buy Orbit for Kids in the gum and candy aisle of your local grocery store and on

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