A Lemony Scent makes people behave- maybe kids too?

I just read this interesting article about Windex. Research shows that if a room is sprayed/scented with the lemon version of Windex, people tend to act more civil. BYU and the Kellogg School of Management tried this out with a bunch of people to see how well they behaved- and get this- people in the lemony room behaved better by doing things like volunteering for charitable causes while in the room, or sharing money during a trust exercise.

Now, can this sort of thing promote good behavior in your kids, in your teens? I don’t know, but I think I am going to find out. Lemon scented Windex- go figure.

Here’s my ‘inspired’ list of possible effects that I am hoping for through the use of lemon Windex:

  1. Bathroom: That the smell will get my son to turn on the fan when he needs to, and that my daughter will clean up her hairspray.
  2. Dining Room: That dinner will be peaceful, and not shrouded with evil glares across the table. I mean, I can only put that 18″ tall centerpiece between the two of them for so many days in a row!
  3. Car: That my son may think twice and actually remember to stomp off his shoes before dragging an inch of caked mud into the car.
  4. Kids Rooms: That they may stay clean for more than 18 minutes at a time.
  5. Kitchen: Ah, the most popular room in the house. May it just be a friendly place this weekend.
  6. What would you hope the MAGIC of Lemony Windex scent could do for you? Leave a comment!!!

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