8 Activities to Boost Tween Confidence

The start of a new school year can be stressful for kids. The schools usually switch up the classrooms every year meaning your child may or may not be with friends from last year. The stress of fitting in and making new friends is difficult.  Raising a confident child doesn’t just happen, it is something that constantly needs worked on.

Give kids the opportunity to boost their confidence while spreading kindness this back-to-school season with this Wicked Cool! Bucket List:

Download full version of Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool Bucket List here.

This bucket list was created by Dr. Michele Borba, a  globally-recognized educational psychologist and author of the new book UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About Me World. Michele believes that kids who want to fit in with the crowd or who feel pressured to do well in school can develop low self-esteem.  This bucket list is a way for parents to help prepare children for the new school year.  These activities scream loud and clear to your child that you support them.

This bucket list is not only good for kids but will also give parents that ‘feel-good’ feeling. We all feel better when we know we are being kind and helpful to others while having a positive mind-set for the day and future.

There are a few ideas that I especially like and know would help build confidence.

Find the best part of the day!

When you are actively looking for the good in your day (and your life) you realize that your life isn’t so bad, that there are actually a lot of good things going on in your life. People who are grateful are happier and more confident in who they are as a person.

Give Thanks!

Don’t you feel so amazing when people acknowledge something good you did? We all do! Your child could send a note of thanks to a friend, family member, bus driver, teacher, etc and really make that person’s day. Knowing that we control our thoughts, words, and actions as well as how our thoughts, words, and actions affect other people can be a big confidence booster.

I hope you’ll consider downloading Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool Bucket List here and doing a few of the action items with your kids this back-to-school season. What a great family time activity too!

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