Best learning system for babies, toddlers, and preschools: Teach My Review

picture of Teach My Preschooler

I have always looked online to try to see what my baby, toddler, preschooler, and now kindergarten age child should know and be doing. Websites vary. I’ve looked in stores, including teacher supply stores for the best solution on how to teach my kids the alphabet, numbers, writing, etc. Some things my kids liked and others they did not. I didn’t know if the products were age appropriate or not. I wish I had known about the company called Teach My.

What is Teach My?

Teach My is all about early learning. Their award winning system are all-in-one learning kits that prepare your kids for learning as early as age 6 months! Currently, there are 3 learning kits. Teach My Baby focuses on First Words, First Numbers, Self and Sounds and Touch. Teach My Toddler allows toddlers master the basics; alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.  Teach My Preschooler prepares kids to be Ready to Read, Ready to Print, Ready for 1-100, and Ready for Math

Hands On Review of Teach My Preschooler

Teach My Preschooler is an all-in-one preschool learning kit that allow you to prepare your child for kindergarten in just 20 minutes a day.

I love that the kit includes 4 section for Ready To Read, Ready To Print, Ready For 1-100 and Ready For Math. Each section is in it’s own clear plastic envelope and all 4 sections fits nicely in the kit. This means easy clean up and everything stays nicely organized.

picture of Teach My Preschooler
Teach My Preschooler

My kids are ages 3 and 5. How I wish I had this kit at least 2 years ago for my son who is in kindergarten. When we received the Teach My  Preschooler to review, I wondered how my kids would respond. I was thrilled to see that they were excited to explore this new “toy”.

Teach My Preschooler: Ready for Math

Math is a difficult concept for kids, especially when explaining the number 0. With the Ready to Math kit, it is fun and easy learn (and teach) math.  My daughter loves, loves, loves the addition and subtraction game. Using tokens with kids on them, the game allows kids to slide the kids down the slides where 2+2=4 in the sand pit! She loves it! My son also likes the visual of this activity.

picture of Teach My Preschooler Ready for Math
Teach My Preschooler Ready for Math

Teach My Preschooler: Ready to Read

My 5 year old was very proud that he could jump right ahead to the Ready to Read set. Kids are expected to start reading by Christmas time in Kindergarten. Having this system has already helped my son. The set comes with 10 books to work through. Kids must know their alphabet before they can begin this section.

picture of Teach My Preschooler Ready to Read Books
Teach My Preschooler Ready to Read Books

Each book works on letter sounds with repetition and fun illustrations. My son, who normally hates to sit down and do “educational” activities, really enjoyed the Ready to Read books. He was anxious to master Book 1 so that he could go to Book 2 so he could go to Book 3, and so on! I had no idea that would be such a motivation! My 3 year old often sits with us and is already picking up on some of the sounds just by watching big brother.

Teach My Preschooler: Ready to Print

The Ready to Print section has benefited both my 3 year old and 5 year old. My 3 year old is just starting to recognize letters and at the very beginning stage of writing. The writing guides start kids out with simple lines and curves before jumping right into letters. My daughter loves this activity on the Magic Drawing Board. She feels so proud of herself when she makes the straight lines, and zeros. She is mastering letters in her name first.

My 5 year old knows how to write most of his letters, however this is great practice for him. He uses the Magic Drawing Board both with and without the guides for practice. He usually hates writing so I found it absolutely amazing when he asked to take the kit with him in the car! I had to snap a picture of him writing when we were at a stop light! I couldn’t believe he was so interested!

picture of Teach My Preschooler Ready to Print
Teach My Preschooler Ready to Print

Teach My Preschooler: Ready for 1-100

The Ready for 1-100 takes kids on a train ride journey from number 1 through number 100. There are foam numbers that they can place on top of the printed numbers on each page to get familiar with recognizing numbers and pairing them up to form large numbers. This is a fun way to learn number with fun illustrations. There are also coordinating train flashcards for each number. My kids have a great time lining them up and placing them edge to edge throughout the house! When kids are having fun learning, you know it is all good!

picture of Teach My Preschooler Ready for 1 - 100
Teach My Preschooler Ready for 1 - 100

Best learning system for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

This is the best learning system that I have come across in the past 5 years. I have went store to store looking specifically for kits just like the Teach My kits and have found nothing so encompassing. I wish I had this when my 5 year old was younger and so glad to have it for my 3 year old. The system states that kids learn through their kits in just 20 minutes a day. My kids have never liked to sit down to do “school work” but they love doing these educational activities. We are often enjoying the kits for much longer. AND if I am working with one child, the other child wants to join in and can’t wait until their turn. I finally have something that I know is teaching my kids what they need to learn to be successful in school and my kids enjoy it.

This would be an excellent baby shower gift, birthday present, or Christmas gift for anyone with babies through kids that are 5 years old.

Buy Teach My Products

Each Teach My kit is just $49.99 on the Teach My website. You can purchase the Teach My Preschooler for $49, the Teach My Baby
for $49, and the Teach My Toddler for $49 on

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Teach My who provided the product for review.

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