Breastfeeding in Public – Controversy in China

The United States has had its share of sit of breastfeeding sit-ins, controversies, paranoia, disgust and pride regarding breastfeeding in public.

Americans however do not have any sort of corner on this act of love, and its pretty much something that’s shared by all of womankind.

I saw an article today about a woman who was ticketed for breastfeeding in China.    So I feel horrible for any woman who has to go through the misplaced shame.

Yuzhou, Henan, and places you can NOT breastfeed

Now, of course the woman was in Public, I fully support that need.  A child could be hungry anywhere, and mashed peas just aren’t always convenient.

So What if she was breastfeeding while driving her moped.

So What if she was weaving in and out of traffic with her 18-month latched on.

How dare the police threaten to take her moped away if she continued…Surely she can’t wean him before her next trip!!

Woman in traffic on Bike Breastfeeding

Xuchang, Henan, China




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