AirAlle Chemical Free Lice Removal

Where do you go when you find out your child has head lice? It can be an embarrassing issue that causes a lot of stress for a long period of time, never knowing if you got all the lice eggs, not to mention all the chemicals you are exposing to your children. Lice outbreaks happen everywhere. We have received lice notices from my kids’ schools every year. Not having a solution in place can be alarming to many moms.

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If your child has lice, don’t get stressed out or panic. There is an effective, easy, chemical free lice removal solution with AirAllé. AirAllé kills over 99% of lice eggs in an effective, 30-minute “green” treatment using only controlled heated air.

FDA-cleared, the AirAllé medical device kills lice and lice eggs by dehydrating them with controlled, heated air. In just 1 hour of treatment 99.2% of lice and lice eggs are killed – that is a much higher rate than traditional, chemical-laden pesticides. The AirAllé takes about 30 minutes, plus post-treatment comb-out to remove dead lice and eggs.

The AirAlle looks very similar to a vacuum cleaner. It blows heated air at a controlled rate and temperature over each section of your hair by trained professionals.

AirAllé Chemical Free Lice Removal
AirAllé Chemical Free Lice Removal

Lice eggs are the hardest to kill and if you don’t kill them right away, you will have an all-out lice infestation when they hatch. Pesticides, herbal remedies, and suffocation products require multiple treatments over a period of time because they do not kill the eggs as effectively as AirAllé. AirAllé delivers a fast, safe, effective, and chemical free lice removal for both head lice and lice eggs. No chemicals, oils, conditioners, etc are used with AirAllé, just heated, controlled hair.

AirAlle Chemical Free Lice Removal
AirAlle Chemical Free Lice Removal

Find your nearest Professional AirAllé Lice-Treatment location.  The closest location to the Akron, Ohio area just less than 2 hours away at Hair Pixies in Pittsburgh, PA or at Pediatric Solutions in Columbus, OH.

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