Get Your Kid to Take a Bath with Colored Bath Water

Kids either love or hate bath time.  Fortunately, my kids love it. I’m always looking for fun toys, plastic books, and fun ways to make bath time entertaining and educational.

Colorful Bath Water

Our latest fun bath time activity involves exploring colors. You can buy colored tablets to make bath water change color. A cheaper alternative is food coloring. It’s safe and probably already in your kitchen.

Add about 10 drops of food coloring to your kid’s bath water and watch the fun begin!  We make this a special treat about twice monthly and let the kids choose their favorite color. Use this time to explain and experiment how different colors are made from the primary colors.

Who knows, this little trick might get the kid that hates bath time some thing to smile about.

Bath Time Body Painting


Kids love to paint and there is no better time than right before bath time. A fun way to explore colors and creativity is by making and using body paint in the tub.

Before adding water to the tub, mix 1 tablespoon of baby soap into a small bowl.  Mix in one drop of food coloring (darker colors work best).  Make as many colors as you like.

Let your child finger paint his legs, feet, knees, arms, and belly.  Be sure your child is beyond the age of putting his hands in his mouth or this will turn into an unpleasant activity.  Use the play time to encourage creativity, teach body parts, and discuss colors. Talk about each color, how to mix and make other colors, what typical things are that color, etc.  When the fun is done, fill up the tub, and wash the colors away.

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