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As moms, we search online for answers to all our parenting questions and concerns. There is information here and there and everywhere – some that can be trusted and some questionable. Other sites are great for community, being able to talk with other moms going through similar parenting issues.

I have recently discovered Bundoo, an online resource for parents with an online community AND pediatricians and childcare experts offering quality support and even one-on-one answers to your personal questions.

This is a sponsored conversation for Bundoo.

We all want what is best for our children. Bundoo is a premier parenting site designed for smart parenting with advice from experts.  Bundoo is basically several websites in one.

  • Library of expert written articles on parenting
  • Online Community
  • The Marketplace
  • Ask Bundoo

Library of expert written articles on parenting
This website covers topics from A-Z on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, health issues, feeding, and family life. Use their search tool to find expert articles on topics facing your family or browse the blog for the latest information on parenting.

Bundoo offers an online community where you can discuss whatever is on your mind with like-minded moms going through the same things.


Add a new discussion or join a group that relates to your family’s needs. This is also where you’ll find a blog dedicated to parenting with doctors, experts,and parents as the writers. I love this part of Bundoo – where real life hits parenting concepts right on!

The Marketplace is where you can shop for the latest in everything you need for your baby with expert tips to know what is best for your baby.


Ask Bundoo – This is what makes Bundoo stand out from among all the online parenting websites. This is where you can get your questions answered by pediatricians and medical experts. You can ask any question you need and receive and expert answer you can trust.  bundoo

Like I said earlier, you can search online for all your parenting questions and concerns but finding one with trusted advice from the experts is hard to find. Finding a website that will answer your specific questions with expert advice is even more rare. Getting private answers to your personal questions can only be found on Bundoo. It is quicker and easier than making an appointment with your pediatrician too.

Bundoo is is fun too!  I really enjoyed the “best in parenting this week” sections where they pick the best in videos, news, stories, photos, upcoming entertainment, and more. I am all about Disney FROZEN and love all the videos people are making either singing or lip-syncing the award-winning songs. This “Good Looking Parents” lip-syncing video was on this weeks’ “best in parenting this week.” Watch it, you’ll love it!

This photo was super fun and cute too!


Bundoo has something for everyone – all in one safe, expert-advice driven environment. Bundoo is primarily a FREE resource with the added perk of the paid Ask Bundoo service. You can pay to ask just one question or unlimited questions a monthly basis.

Check out Bundoo, the expert driven premier parenting website for smart parenting.

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