Give Experience Gifts this Christmas with Maestro Market

Experience Gifts

Are you still struggling with hard-to-buy-for gifts? Looking for a unique gift that will be loved and appreciated? An experience gift is one that is truly unique, expresses your thoughtfulness, and will be remembered for years to come.

I have found an amazing website that offers an experience gift for absolutely everyone on your Christmas list this year, no matter what their age or interest.  Maestro Market is the  hard-to-buy-for gift headquarters where you can find experience gifts for everyone.

Give an Experience Gift
Give an Experience Gift

What is Maestro Market?

Maestro Market is a website that connects people with experts in topics of their choice. With Maestro Market, you can learn and engage with industry experts to learn a new skill, solve a problem, indulge in a desire, get inspired, have a sounding board, and even chat with a hero.

Experts from across the country are ready to inspire and talk with you in person, on Skype, or on the phone about whatever interests you. Browse from categories like Entrepreneur, Parenting, Social Media, Writing, Finance, Blogging, and Food.

Maestro Market


Experience Gifts with Maestro Market

Here are a few examples of unique experience gifts that Maestro Market offers:

  • Write a family theme song with songwriters
  • Learn to make a fancy French dinner or Harry Potter Dinner
  • Learn gourmet culinary skills
  • Shop with a celebrity stylist
  • Talk with extreme sport professionals like Scot Schmidt
  • Pair wines for a special dinner
  • Learn how to beat your friends at poker
  • Enjoy a personal concert
  • Learn to be a professional photographer
  • Learn to photograph busy cities
  • See life like an artist for a day
  • Discover your signature cocktail
  • Design a unique piece of jewelry
  • Commission a graphic design for a CD cover or other visual project
  • Take a cupcake decorating class

As you can see, there are as many varied experience gift ideas as there are interests that you or your loved one may have. And if you don’t find what you are looking for on Maestro Market, they will find an expert for you.  This is the place for hard-to-buy-for gifts for everyone on your list. When you hand-pick an experience gift for a loved one, they know you went the extra mile to find a unique gift personally for them. They won’t know how easy it was!

You can search by topic, or check out their collection of Gifts for Moms, Gifts for Dads, Gifts for Teens, Gifts for Grads, Baby Shower Gifts, Fitness Gifts, and other unique gift experience gifts.

Maestro Market for Moms

Once we become a mom, we are expected to innately know how to take care of a baby and raise a perfect child. Babies don’t come with a manual.  Maestro Market has partnered with Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA), who are experts in areas of education, family planning, parenting, child rearing and families with children of exceptional or special needs.

Through the partnership between Mom’s Choice Awards  and Maestro Market, you not only know about products and services that earn the seal of approval from MCA, but you can talk to the experts that do all of the evaluating of such products and services. Learn from the experts who live and breathe topics that pertain to parenting and education.

Gift Experience

A gift from the parenting category would make an excellent Christmas gift this year for moms of all ages, as well as for baby showers and all new moms. Talk to psychologists, sleep experts, teachers, and overall general sanity experts about the tough questions you have as a mom.

Also for the good of the whole family, check out Maestro Market Sleep Experts to finally understand how to create a lifetime of gentle sleep for your children.

Moms of teenagers  have a special place on Maestro Market where they can talk to psychologists, authors, motivational speakers, social workers, and life coaches about how to raise a teenager without losing your mind!

Give Experience Gifts this Christmas with Maestro Market

It is easy to give experience gifts this Christmas with Maestro Market. Simply visit the Maestro Market website, browse for the topic of interest or check out their gift guides for ideas, and click “Inquire Now” to set up your experience gift!

Maestro Market is not only an excellent source for experience gifts but a resource for everyone throughout the year. Challenge yourself to become a better, more knowledgeable person this year, engage in a passion that you have always wanted to learn more about, and finally get answers from experts to questions you’ve always had.

Pricing on Maestro Market goes from Free, to charity gift, and up, depending on who you book and how (telephone, Skype, or in person).

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This was a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience.

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