Hello Alvin Makes Caring for Sick Kids Convenient & Affordable

Hello Alvin™ Makes Caring for Sick Kids Convenient & Affordable
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Hello Alvin is a new service that has doctors and nurses available at your fingertips. Hello Alvin allows you to video chat with a doctor 24/7. Your child will have a diagnosis and prescription (if needed) at your local pharmacy without the need to take your sick child out.

Hello Alvin name is going to become common to many around you once they realize how wonderful and simple it is. I know other moms like myself are sure to fall in love with this service. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like wasting time in a waiting room and it’s even more aggravating if you have multiple children and only one needs to be seen.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Joey Truscelli, co-founder of Hello Alvin, your online access to healthcare from anywhere. Here is what he had to share about this great new affordable health care alternative.
Q: How was Hello Alvin created?
A: He has a partner in NYC. They were part of the Indy Racing Warner Brothers racing team and worked with special needs kids for ten years. Their program One Good Turn was formed through their racing career in Indianapolis. They set up a ranch in Colorado and they invited kids that needed a boost, had special needs, or had lost parents in Iraq/Afghanistan. Joey was the founder of ENS Health and they sold it in 2006. From there they focused on the camps.
They helped many kids from camps who had no access to healthcare. They took their experience in camps and health care and decided to provide affordable access to health care for acute minor illnesses. That is how Hello Alvin was formed. Alvin Holdings is the name of the parent company. They didn’t want a scary name since Doctor’s can be associated with needles and more. In their attempt to take away some of the scariness Hello Alvin was created. Alvin actually means you’re a noble friend and loved by all.

They bundled a few products that include a 24/hr nurse line and guaranteed 24 hour response from Doctors, Nurses, etc. It’s to get people to talk to a professional and not self diagnose and avoiding wasting time in the ER/Urgent Care.

Q: Some may be leery of internet doctors and nurses. Can you tell me a little about who they are? And is it possible to get our own family doctors involved with this service?
A: Each of them are board certified doctors specific to their own state. They are available via phone calls or even Skype consultations which allows. There are 3,000 providers and they have 15+ years experience. They are able to provide prescriptions as long as it’s not for a narcotic.
Q: Do the doctors have their own practices somewhere?
A: It varies. Some are full time with Hello Alvin, others make themselves available when they’re able to.
Q: When using Hello Alvin will I be assigned a doctor or nurse or will it vary each time?
A: It will vary each time as it depends on who is available at the time. However records can be reviewed from previous consultations.
Q: The services are very affordable at just $100 a year per family. Explain how all of it works.
A:It is expected that America will be lacking approximately 100,000 doctors very soon. It is already tough enough to see a physician in a timely manner. In some major cities there can be a 21-30 day wait.
With Hello Alvin, you can consult with nurses via e-mail at anytime and it is covered with the yearly access fee. If you decide to use the Teledoc service there is a $45 fee for each use. This is much better than urgent care and great for parents since a doctor can be reached from home or even while on vacation. This service is available to use in ANY state so if you’re vacationing out of state, you would just speak with an out of state doctor. Insulin, blood pressure meds, etc can be refilled in case out of town or something and run out. Your records can be sent to your primary care physician to follow up once you’re back home as well.
Q: If I use Hello Alvin, can I still take my children to their regular pediatrician?
A: Yes. Records can be sent to their primary doctor for follow up.
Q: According to the CDC, 56% of kids missed up to 5 days of school because of illness or injury. With all the germs being passed around in schools right now, how useful would Hello Alvin be in keeping kids healthy and in school?
A: Schools don’t like kids coming in with fevers and will send them home. On the preventative side, if a cold or something is coming on, it can be treated early. It’s as simple as sending an email to the nurse to see what recommendations they have to prevent a full sickness. It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive. It makes employers happy to keep parents at work while still taking care of themselves and their children.
Q: So say that my baby comes home from the babysitter with a rash today. What would I do? Put my readers at ease with what to expect and how to be seen.
A: First, make sure it’s not an EMERGENCY – glands swelling, etc. Take a picture and e-mail it. Either talk to a nurse first via e-mail or go straight to calling the doctor. They will say if he should be seen or needs a prescription. It only takes 8-10 minutes to have the first available doctor on the phone. If he has been seen previously, records are available from past consultations as well.
Q: How do you compete with other various clinics such as CVS Minute Clinic.
A:It’s kind of the same process with waiting just like an urgent care. They can do tests which Hello Alvin cannot do. But it’s still taking more time and is still more expensive. Many are just Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, etc. Board Certified physicians are available at Hello Alvin.

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