Is Putting Hot Sauce in Kid’s Mouth Considered as a Child Abuse?

Do you remember having a bar of soap in your mouth for talking back to your parents?   Have you ever tried to do the same?  Did you put hot sauce in your kid’s mouth as a form of disciplining, consequences, and corrective action?   Hot sauce, soap, sandals .. what else?

My parents did put hot sauce in my mouth!

I remember vividly having to bear the heat of hot sauce in my mouth for talking back at my parents.  Did I learn my lesson?  Yes.  Did my parents get charged for child abuse? No.  I know that my parents were putting hot sauce in my siblings’ mouths, too.

Is putting hot sauce in your kid’s mouth considered as a child abuse?

Many didn’t think so, but the latest case of the hot sauce mom has proven them wrong.  Alaskan Mom, Jessica Beagley, 36, was on TV for a mommy confession episode on Dr. Phil’s show.  Dr. Phil aired the videos of her putting hot sauce in her kid’s mouth and making him take a cold shower as a punishment for behavioral problem at school.  She had gotten in trouble since then.

Beagley was trialed and found guilty of  child abuse for putting hot sauce in her own son and making them take cold shower by a jury of three men and three women.

Is it wrong disciplining your own child?

There is nothing wrong disciplining your child.  In fact,  it is better for parents to set the ground rule and kids learning consequences at home from young age.   It is so much better than our children facing much harsher punishment later in life from not learning consequences from their own behaviors.

I wouldn’t put my child in a cold shower, but I survived my hot sauce episodes with my parents.  In fact, it helped me to get used to spicy food and now I am loving it.  Now, taking the hot sauce away from me IS a cruelty and a punishment.

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