Letter Learning Educational Cards for Kids – A Review and Coupon Code

Learning how to write letters and practicing penmanship can be tough. Some times it just feels like, well…work! I was on the prowl for some fresh tools for handwriting help for my preschooler, Lila, and my fourth grader, Alyssa. Lila is just beginning to learn to write her letters. Alyssa, on the other hand, has printing down, but just began cursive last year, and could use some additional practice.

While surfing the web, I came upon a company that piqued my interest: Letter Learning Educational Cards for Kids. This company, started by teacher and mom, Ellen Richard, combines kids’ natural interest in crafting along with lessons in handwriting, spelling and math – what a great combo!

Letter Learning Educational Cards for Kids – An Up Close Look

First off, these cards are really cute!  Eye catching graphics and fun colors attract your attention.  Then, the teaching begins!  Learning Letters Cards are broken into specific skill sets:

Beginning Writers – These cards are designed with a target age of 4-8, but are great for anyone needing a little extra handwriting help. Cards contain sections where kids trace dotted letters that make up the captions and body of the card. Wonderfully, though, they also include blank space for kids free hand artwork, and for personalizing the “to” and “from” portions of the card.

photo of letter learning card
Letter Learning's Beginning Writer Card


photo of letter learning card
After each letter traced, Lila beamed, "Mom, look...look!"

Advanced Writers – Cards from this series target kids ages of 6-10.  These cards provide blank sections with guide lines, which help kids with proper spacing and proportion, but give more experienced writers and spellers more flexibility in designing their own cards.

Math-Tastic Cards – I have to admit these are my favorite! The black and white cards look a bit plain at first blush – but that’s all part of the learning fun! Either the giver or the recipient must answer basic math facts to determine what color to use in any given section of the graphic. It’s like paint-by-number with the added feature of needing to solve a math problem to figure out which color to use. These creative cards also have the tracing guides so kids feel successful with their writing. Again, blank spaces (not shown in my photo below) allow for personalization and creative expression.

photo of letter learning card

Letter Learning’s Math-Tastic Card

Cursive Cards with Games – Oh yes, even older kids can get in on the fun! Traceable cursive phrases appear on the page without guide lines – an important exclusion, I think, for older kids. These cards also have fun, birthday themed word scrambles, word searches, and the like that the recipient can complete.

photo of letter learning card
Letter Learning Cursive Card with Game


photo of letter learning card
Alyssa creating a cursive card...and learning!

Things I Love About Letter Learning Cards

  • The variety!  The have cards for almost any occasion, and designs for boys and girls.  Letter Learning even has party invites as well as thank you notes/postcards!  How’s that for encouraging good manners, creativity and independence at the same time!
  • The quality!  The card stock is super sturdy – heavier than many of the greeting cards I’ve bought recently at stores.
  • The Learning and Fun!  My girls enjoyed creating their own cards with the help of the Letter Learning guides.  They didn’t even realize they were practicing and doing “work!”  :)   They were proud to share their works of art with me and their recipients, and felt great about their penmanship successes.
  • The Price!  At $2.49/card for most selections, they are also cheaper than a lot of the cards I’ve bought at the grocery store.  Shipping costs are minimal too.

Buy Letter Learning Educational Cards With a 30% Off Coupon Code

To place an order, log onto www.letterlearning.com.  Right now, founder, Ellen Richard is offering Akron Ohio Moms.com readers a special 30% discount on your orders!!  Simply enter “akronohiomom30” in the “apply coupon” box of your shopping cart during checkout.  This special offer is valid through Nov 30, 2011.

You can also check Letter Learning Educational Cards for Kids out on their Facebook page .

Win Letter Learning Educational Cards for Kids (Closed)

Updated: 9-13-11 Winner Announced: Alison Czischke

The nice people at Letter Learning are generously offering 1 Lucky Akron Ohio Moms.com a $20 gift card to be used on their website!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Letter Learning who provided the products for review and giveaway.

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