Mutsy GROW-UP! Compact Booster Seat Review

Now that J-Girl is two (time sure does fly!) she is getting to be very independent especially at mealtime it seems.  She doesn’t want to stay in her chair for meals. Mealtime was becoming a challenge for both her and us! I love that she wants to sit in a “big girl” chair but we are not ready for her to have that much freedom during meals.  She used to LOVE sitting in her highchair and has been sitting in it since she was 6 months old but times are a changing.  I kind of understand her reasoning for not wanting to be confined in it anymore now that I have been introduced to the company Mutsy and their amazing booster seats.

Mutsy GROW-UP! booster chair in 6 delicious colors

The problems we were having with our current highchair/booster chair:

  • very bulky and for being a “space saver” I couldn’t push in our chair under the table so it stuck out like a sore thumb
  • not easy to clean-gunk was getting into EVERY crevice you could see and not see!
  • the “crotch” bar was really uncomfortable for J-Girl and she would get scratches from the plastic divider
  • the whole seat set way up high (even on lowest setting) and J-Girls knees/shins would hit the table top giving her lots of bruises on her legs 🙁
  • didn’t travel very well since it was so bulky so we just used it at home which was a hassle when going to family’s or friends houses for meals

We knew we needed to find a new seating solution for J-Girl but we wanted to make sure the new contender would meet our needs.  Thanks to Mutsy we were able to review a AWESOME highchair/booster chair and get back to a happy little girl ready for her meals!

The Mutsy GROW-UP! chair has a safe secure 5 point strap harness and has a sleek compact design
The GROW-UP chair is compact (15.6 x 12.4 x 11.4 and just 3.74 lbs)and hides nicely when the chair is pushed in unlike my old highchair/booster seat.

Never heard of Mutsy?

Mutsy once known as Mutsaert’s has been producing pushchairs (strollers) since the early 1930’s.  Chances are someone in your family like a grandparent or parents were pushed around in one of Mutsy’s strollers.  Through the years, Mutsy has added more children’s products to their modern and well designed product line such as strollers, rocking chair/feeding chair, highchairs and booster seats.  Check out their website to see their full line of products available.

Mealtimes are FUN with Mutsy seating

Now that we are using Mutsy’s “GROW-UP”booster chair for J-Girl we have seen a tremendous improvement at mealtimes with her.  She is much for comfortable while sitting in her new chair, with the soft flexible padded form seat without having the large plastic divider between her legs like her old chair had.  She also loves her bright fun color green chair and I have caught her just sitting in it reading a book or having her snack near the window. She is obviously so much more comfortable and I am so glad that she is!

J-Girl loves to sit in her green big girl booster chair for snacks and meals!

Things I love about the GROW-UP! chair:

  • EASY installation=take it out of the box and secure it to the back of the chair and underneath the chair!
  • durable straps (washable) make a safe and comfortable 5 point harness and can convert to a 3 point system for older children
  • can use as early as 6 months and up to age 4
  • compact design is perfect for smaller kitchen/dining rooms and TRAVELING (15.6 x 12.4 x 11.4 and just 3.74 lbs.)
  • fits easily in most dining chairs (chair must be wider than the GROW-UP seat base)
  • comfortable flexible foam seat supports the child while enabling them to move their legs comfortably (perfect for taller children or kids with long legs like my J-Girl)
  • 6 bright and trendy color combinations available: Apple(Green), Blueberry (Black/Blue), Aqua, Mandarin (Orange), Nut (Brown) and Raspberry (Pink)
  • easy clean up after snacks/meals with waterproof seat and less crevices for food to drop into
  • reasonably priced at just $59.99
If you are needing to get a new booster chair seat for your children, I highly suggest you check out the Mutsy GROW-UP! booster seat.  It will be a life changing experience for those of us who need a more sleek, compact and uniquely fun chair for our kiddos during snacks and meal times!

Buy Mutsy GROW-UP! Chair

Please check out their website (Kastel International) for more product information, order and to see their other amazing products!  It is also available on for about $65.
They have a NEW stroller coming out and new colors too!!
You can also find Mutsy on Facebook or Twitter.

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