You Need This if Your Child Has a Smart Phone

Our kids all want smart phones. There are many good things about smart phones including connectivity, convenience, fun gadgets, and status for your children. The average age for kids in America with smart phones is 10 with many as young at 7. With the convenience of a smart phone comes a lot of responsibility for parents. The age of innocence can quickly disappear when we allow our children to run free online. We wouldn’t let our kids run around New York City on their own, it isn’t responsible for us to throw them into adult situations.

Parents need a reliable system to control what their child or teen does on their Android smart phones like the TeenLimit Parent App.CaptureI am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with TeenLimit and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

You Need This if Your Child Has a Smart Phone

The TeenLimit app offers you control over your child or teen’s Android device. You can remote monitor their phone use, block inappropriate content, and manage the time they can use their phone and when they can use various apps and programs.

Why do you need TeenLimit?

There are many, many dangers associated with kids and teens having their own smart phone – some immediate and other progressive like addition. As a parent, you need to have conversations with your child or teen about online safety. StaySafeOnline offers great tips about online safety based on your child’s age. Two major issues revolve around pornography and cyber bullying.

Stop your child from stumbling upon online pornography

The prevalence of online pornography is too great for our kids to not stumble upon. The average age of a child first exposed to porn is 11.  Within seconds of an innocent search done by our children can result in inappropriate images – worse than if a child stumbled upon a Playboy magazine – these are serious adult x-rated images that our children and teens can accidentally stumble upon.  Those images cannot be undone. TeenLimit allows your child to browse the web safely by blocking inappropriate content. Untitled-6

If your child finds a website that they are interested in but it is inappropriate, they will get the message above. If they feel like the website is ok, they can request to ability to see the site through the TeenLimit app. As a parent, you’ll get the request on your phone, from there, you can decide whether your child can visit that website or not. My son is into air guns and wanted to check out a website for those (above). I received the alert and checked the site out. Once I reviewed the site, I was able to allow him to see it or not.

I love having control over what my kids can see on their smart phones. Protecting our children’s innocence is our job. TeenLimit makes it easy to see what my children are looking at online without taking their phone and trying to search their history – when it is too late to stop it. I’d rather stop it before it happens.

Limit screen time

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that there is a direction correlation between the amount of time screen time, including smart phone use and obesity, depression, learning, sleep quality, and overall mental health.  The AAP suggest monitoring the amount time that is best for your child to ensure their screen time doesn’t interfere with adequate sleep, physical activity, and their health. Monitoring how much time your child uses social media is easy with TeenLimit. SAM_0809

You can select the exact time of each day your child or teen can use their phone, the apps they can use, and the number of hours they can use per day. You can even have it set to be turned off during dinnertime. Plus, you can change any of these options in real-time. Your child may not like it but it is for their own good. (My son is posing for this picture. Although it can be a surprise that their phone doesn’t work after a certain time, etc, it is for their good.)SAM_0812

30% of social media is made up of underage children. Children that aren’t supposed to be allowed on those social media sites and yet they still are, signing up under a false age. This leads to countless consequences that are not good for our children. Children and teens that use social media are found to have declines in life satisfaction and well as depression.

Cyber bullying is another big issue with social media for children. Their so-called online “friends” and even internet trolls could gang up on your child without you even knowing it.. Kids don’t have the social skills to deal with these threats,  this is a serious issue that has led to teen suicides.

With TeenLimit, you can monitor your child’s use of social media and protect them from cyber bulling. I like that you can always keep certain apps like phone calls, alarm clocks, and SMS available while you turn off games, social media, and internet use.

Another very cool feature of TeenLimit is their Geolocation feature. SAM_0828You can know where your child is at all times. This is especially helpful if your child or teen is going to a friend’s house and is suppose to call you when they get there but forget! Or if they say they are going to the library but actually go somewhere else.

How much will it cost?

The bigger question is how much will it cost your child if you don’t protect them with TeenLimit.

However, the good news it that TeenLimit is very, very affordable and even has a free version. For free, you can use TeenLimit to manage time and block apps. This is a great way to see how much time your child or teen is actually on the phone and limit the apps they can access.

For just $3.29 a month, you can have all of the above features I mentioned and others including:

  • Time Management
  • Apps Blocking
  • Remote Control
  • Internet Filtering
  • Geolocation
  • Instant Configuration
  • Activity Report
  • Real-Time Notification

For such a small price, you can have full access to your child’s smart phone use and protect them from online dangers. You can connect up to 10 phones with just one account, making it a very affordable option for your whole family.

Download TeenLimit and start protecting your child or teen immediately.

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