Teach Kids About Finances with Tykoon

Tykoon is an online tool for kids and parents of kids ages 8-12 to learn about money with a platform to earn real money, save, spend, and donate.  Tykoon allows you to totally customize the program for your kid(s) to include chore charts, allowance tracking, and goal setting.

It is not just about earning points or money for chores, it is also teaches kids what to do with the money they earn.  Your kids can create a real wishlist with the Tykoon Store.

picture of Creating Wish List on Tykoon
Creating Wish List on Tykoon

My son liked this a lot, he immediately started browsing for things he would like to earn and save money toward including a new watch, something he has never expressed an interest in before.

picture of Tykoon Wishlist
Tykoon Wishlist

Tykoon also teaches kids about giving. You can allocate whatever % of earned allowance money to go toward charitable organizations within the Tykoon platform. My son was very interested in this as well. He has a tender heart, so this is a perfect way for him to feel like he is helping others in need.  For instance, he was very interested in the Max Cure Foundation Dunk Your Kicks charity. For this charity, kids can get their school involved in a campaign to donate shoes. For each shoe donated, $1 will go to the Max Cure Foundation for pediatric cancer. Elijah has a boy in his 1st grade class who is fighting cancer, so this is close to his heart.

picture of Selecting a charity to donate to on Tykoon
Selecting a charity to donate to on Tykoon

From the Parent Dashboard on Tykoon, parents can control what shopping, charity and other applications their kids can see at any given time. There are 25 parental control and privacy settings to totally customize the experience for each child. Tykoon is all about safety and is certified by kidSAFE Seal Program and 100% COPPA compliant.

Tykoon is customizable and takes a little bit of time in the beginning to set up. Don’t worry, you can add on and change anything you wish as you go. In fact, your kids can even recommend a chore and allowance value for you to review and approve.

picture of Weekly tasks and chores created on Tykoon
Weekly tasks and chores created on Tykoon

You can allow your kids to share their wishlists, badges they earn, cool things they spotted while shopping, their selected charities and more with friends and family. Again, you control who can see this information and what information.

Tykoon is a step beyond our chore charts. In the past, we have used points that equal money or other prizes in the end. We never had a plan for teaching our kids about % to save, spend, and give. Tykoon is a great way to start the conversation about finances with kids.  My kids have always been motivated by points. My son was very motivated by Tykoon because he had control over everything from how much money he could earn to what he could spend it on and where he could donate. He’s never had this power before.

Right now, you could also cash in on a $25 Amazon gift card when you tell 5 friends about Tykoon. Check out the details on the Tykoon website.

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Tykoon. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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