Tiny Treasure Hunts are Big Fun

Whats more fun then hunting for treasure? I don’t think there is anything more exciting especially for kids. Planning a treasure hunt can take a lot of time. Writing up clues, hiding them and then of course picking a treasure to hide. Wouldn’t you love it if everything just came in a box and all you had to do was set it up and provide a treasure? I have found the answer! Tiny treasure hunts

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Treasure Hunts

Tiny Treasure Hunts, makes the most adorable little treasure hunt kits. Included in a beautiful wood box there are 6 tiny airmail envelopes. 5 of the contain riddles and the 6th is blank for you to include you very own message to the child/children who are hunting. There are directions so we know where to hide the clues without opening the envelops.

Your little hunter will need some tools too, so one golden magnifier and a tiny pencil are included. Two beautiful boxes are also included, one to store everything in and the 2nd is a tiny treasure chest. Your little explorer will have lots of fun hunting for treasure!

Examining the clues!
Finding and Examining the clues!

Indoor Fun

What I really love about Tiny Treasure Hunts kit is that the clues it comes with are made for indoors. As we have been struggling with an eternal winter… and now a very wet spring this kit is a savior.

The tiny clues lead my sons all around the house, but I know that when we have enough warm days I can make my own clues and set up many treasure hunts outdoors too.  (I believe Tiny Treasure Hunts plans to come out with more clue sets in the future.)

I adore how small everything is! It makes hunting more work and finding the treasure more rewarding. Kelton really loved solving each clue and only got stumped once. It was just hard enough for him, with younger kids you would help them and they would still love it. Kiernan followed Kelton each step of the way and they shared the treasure.

We found the treasure, GEMS!
We found the treasure, GEMS!

Buy Your Own Tiny Treasure Hunt Kit

You can order your own Tiny Treasure Hunt Kit here For $39.95. If you aren’t sure what treasure to use they do have an adorable gold key necklace you can add.  I used glass “gems”AKA vase filler. We these for all sorts of accomplishments and the kids adore them.  My boys loved hunting for their treasure and keep asking if we can have a treasure hunt everyday!

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