What the Tooth Fairy Leaves

picture of Lost 1st tooth

The Tooth Fairy has been around since as early as 1900 although not in our home until right on my son’s 6th birthday! What an exciting birthday present!  Elijah had been wiggling his tooth for about 3 weeks before it finally decided to come out. He was running upstairs to brush his teeth after eating his birthday cake when to his surprise it came out! If you ask him, he’ll say it came out while eating his birthday cake but I swear my cake was not that chewy! ha!

Thanks to all of my AOM facebook fans, I figured out what the Tooth Fairy should leave for my son’s tooth. Below are some answers that you gave me!

  • A dollar.
  • $1 per tooth when I was a kid, who knows with inflation now….
  • $5 dollars a tooth…
  • $5 dollars
  • Gold dollar for the 1st tooth and $1 for each tooth after that.
  • One magical golden coin” for each tooth. (golden dollar coins from the bank).
  • $5 for the first an $1 for everyone after
  • One dollar
  • ‎$2.00 for the front teeth, $1.00 for the rest.
  • $5 per tooth
  • $1 per tooth
  • $1 per tooth, same as Akron Children’s “Tooth Fairy”
  • 25 pennies, seems more to a kid than $1
  • Gold coin
  • Tooth Fairy or Dentist Barbie for 1st tooth

How much does the Tooth Fairy Leave my son?

I really liked the gold coin idea, however at 9pm there was no way for me to obtain a gold coin. It seemed that usually the Tooth Fairy leaves more money for the 1st tooth and less after that.

Now, I don’t know how the Tooth Fairy gets in the house. I even checked out ToothFairy.org for hints. My son said she probably uses pixie dust. Yes! That must be how the Tooth Fairy gets into the room. So, I added glitter to the zip lock bag with the 3 dollars and shook it.

The next morning, he ran to show us what the Tooth Fairy left him! $3 with Pixie Dust! He knew it was Pixie Dust. Elizabeth wanted to open it and promised they would be careful when the pixie dust made them fly! Now, I don’t know if my kids discussed this beforehand but Elijah was giving me the I’m not sure if I believe it will or will not make me fly sort of look. I quickly thought of the fact that a fairy has to personally hand the pixie dust to you for it to work and that the dust probably fell from her hands when she put the money in the bag. Phew! Close call! How else could I have explained why their pixie dust wasn’t working?!

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have real pixie dust to let us magically fly?

The next day, his 2nd bottom front tooth is wiggly. We’ll see how long it takes for this tooth to come out and what the Tooth Fairy will bring. I plan to get a gold coin this time! BTW, kids between 6-12years old lose 20 teeth! So, I’ll have to stock up on creative ideas for a long while.

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