Wireless Network Camera – Great Mother’s Day Gift

Last week, my daughter Elizabeth took to the newly installed zipline, as victim #2 (#1 -my son discovered it was not taught enough to hold his first grader frame. But 40% lighter and shorter, my preschooler was able to ride the entire way down). She unfortunately discovered a tree at the end.


I was very scared, thankfully however, the bones of my children are made of Jell-O.

The next day I saw on the web a Wireless Network Camera from D-Link. If I wasn’t outside, I thought this would be perfect to watch and see what’s going on with my kids!  If I’m in the kitchen and they want to play in the front yard, now I can keep an eye on them. Or, if they are playing in the back yard and I’m in the office, I can still keep an eye on them!


What comes in the box of a D-Link DCS-942L Network Camera?

  • The Camera Itself
  • Mounting Stand and a couple of screws
  • Power Cable/Adapter
  • Network Cable (which I didn’t need)
  • Install CD
  • Little sticker on the back of the camera that says INSTALL CD FIRST

D-Link Wirless Network Camera Video Review

Installation of the Network Camera was Incredibly Easy!

As mentioned above, there was a sticker on the camera that read “Install CD First”. This was NOT what the instructions said, however, I figured it was more important being that it was covering up the power adapter plug.

So, I installed the CD first… answered some YES questions, and then had to connect to the network. I’ve had issues before with installing wireless devices (i.e. printers) to our network, so I was a little scared. However with this device, all I had to do was press and hold down the WPS button on the back of the wireless network camera, and on my DIFFERENTLY branded router, and BAM, connected!

What this means to me: If you buy a networking device from a NETWORKING company like D-Link, it will connect to your network.

Connecting Options with my Wireless Network Camera

Through a login system connected to a D-Link website, I can watch via

  • my snazzy Wi-Fi ready Kindle Fire
  • my Laptop wherever I am in the House
  • Apple or Android Mobile Phone over WiFi or 3G/4G

Why I like my D-Link DCS-942-L Wireless Network Camera

  • I can mount this on any wall near a Power Outlet
  • I can watch and listen to it anywhere in the WORLD
  • Night Vision (Haven’t tried it yet!, But the Infrared LEDS DO work)
  • I can use their fancy recording suite to record and monitor motion events
  • I can point it through a window for safe OUTSIDE recording

Speaking of using a Wireless camera to record outdoors…

Here is a quick video for you to see the quality of the video. The camera was inside, on my kitchen counter, recording outside. It is motion sensing, so you could record “anything that moves” for safety, security, and entertainment purposes. (I think it’d be fun to record the deer that use my gardens as a buffet!)


Buy D-Link DCS-942-L Wireless Network Camera

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to D-Link who supplied the products for the review

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