Storing away tidbits about new friends proves valuable over time

Just like a comedian doing a stand up routine will feed you a small joke, go through his routine and come back with a final punch line including that small joke from the beginning of his act, remembering chunks of information about your friends and surprising them with it later is not only an awesome talent, but one that will make you look like a BFF to every buddy you have!

Remembering details of a conversation that happened in days past(and, to a lesser extent, digging them up on facebook), and then bringing it up again in conversation later in the day, week, or year, will prove to your friend that you care enough to listen, and that you care enough to remember something about them.

If a fellow neighborhood mommy happens to talk about her birthday, surprise her with a card on that day.  If a new neighbor talks about a her favorite Fried Chicken Restaurant in Barberton, surprise them with a surprise take-out lunch.  Is this just plain flattery?  Why of course!  Will it be remembered- yes.  You may look like that person that writes down every birthday date,  favorite color, and child name list, but, when it proves useful- its awesome!

And yes, it probably DOES take a notebook, iPhone, or tough filing system to keep track of all of this stuff.  But- the punchline is worth it.

vvvv  This is the organizer I have this year! vvvv

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