The Only Iron with Steam You’ll Ever Need

Buying a quality iron with steam will save you time ironing and give you professional results.  You don’t want just any iron with steam, you want one that comes with a steam generator that can produce large and dense amounts of steam. By using an iron with steam, you won’t need to use starch sprays either. Buying a quality, professional grade iron with steam protects your investment in your clothing.

I have had several irons in my adult lifetime, none of which I have enjoyed using. I don’t particularly like to iron clothes because of the time it takes. I was very pleased to receive the Reliable Corporation Sensor Velocity V200 Iron with Steam to review and share my results.

Reliable Corporation Sensor Velocity V200 Iron with Steam Review

The Reliable Corporation Sensor Velocity V200 Iron with Steam is a ‘pro-for-home’ iron that gives you professional results at home.  It is packed with amazing features  like continuous steam with sole plate technology, TouchSteam that responds to your touch on the handle, as well as a no-leak, no-drip promise. I’ve never been so excited about an iron before!

Check out the below video of the Reliable Corporation Sensor Velocity V200 Iron with Steam with Dr. Gadget on The View.

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? Out of the box, I could tell that this was a higher quality product than I’ve used in the past. It is a beauty with an easy-to-use dial for temps and buttons for steam – everything felt sturdy and well-made. You can just tell when a product is going to last and last.

My favorite feature of the Velocity V200 Iron with Steam is the TouchSteam. Using this, the iron only steams when you are holding the handle, it is hand-activated. The steam stops when you let go of the handle. This iron with steam provides an amazing amount of steam on two positions – medium and maximum steam.  I like that the Reliable can save ironing by up to 50% because of the high volume of steam it produces. This is the result of hydrating the fabric to easily reshape and flatten out wrinkles. It smooths out irons and wrinkles in no time!

You can even steam your clothes vertically! Just hang your clothing on a hanger and steam them. Don’t steam clothing in your wardrobe, do one at a time. This is great for quick touch-ups especially – like the markings pants get from hanging on a clothes hanger too long! Instead of pulling our my ironing board, I can just steam that one section and go!

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron with steam
Using Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 as a vertical steamer

It even comes with a water container for easy pouring into the iron – simple but convenient.

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200
Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 is a pro-to-home iron with steam

I really like the temperature display, it takes the guess work out of which setting is right for the each article of clothing you are ironing. The dial is easy to use and lets you know when that setting is ready.  Plus, it is Woolmark Approved which means it is safe on all fabrics, including delicate wool. When selecting the desired temp, the iron will start steaming when it is ready to use. This is perfect when you are going from a higher setting to a lower setting when working with multiple types of material. You’ll never have to worry about scorching delicate clothing again. I use this iron for all our clothing from silk to cotton.

The 360º swivel cord makes ironing easier to maneuver. It makes it easy to use if you are right or left handed.

The Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron with steam is heavier than my previous model but ergonomically designed to for weight distribution so it is easy to use. I have found it glides very smoothly on clothing and provides amazing creases with ease. My experience with this iron has been amazing. The different is like night and day compared to my old, drippy iron that took forever to use. I can tell that I save time, frustration, and get better results with my new Reliable V200 iron with steam. I had no idea that there could be such a huge difference in irons until now.

Reliable Sensor Velocity V200
Reliable Sensor Velocity V200

The Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron with steam is well designed and built to last. Since it is made to professional standards and offers both vertical steaming and traditional ironing, it could be the only iron with steam you’ll ever need!

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Buy Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 Iron with Steam

You can buy the Reliable Sensor Velocity V200 iron with steam on the Reliable Corporation website for $169 with FREE shipping.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Reliable Corporation who provided the product for review.

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