5 Tips To Create A Sacred Praying Space Of Your Own


The dynamics of life can sometimes become overwhelming and hectic, making it difficult to visit the church to pray on a frequent basis. That’s when creating a praying corner at home can be a saving grace. It will allow you to connect with God on a deeper level without worrying about the church’s timings or sharing space with someone else.

Additionally, it will allow you to decorate the space in whatever way you have always wanted. You can add a rosary of your choice, keep a prayer journal, and even look up a “Bible bookstore near me” to find a Bible that is just right for your prayer room.

Here are some ways you can create your own sacred space and form a deeper and more personal relationship with your prayers:

Start small and build from there

Consider starting small as you have decided to dedicate a space for praying. It will allow you to take it easy in the beginning as you are getting comfortable with praying at home.

Additionally, not getting everything done at once will create room for you to explore ideas, themes, and potential decor upgrades that you can make. Many opt to create their own prayer room, which is cozy and comfortable and allows them to pray in a secluded area. Avoid places in your home that are noisy or are exposed to visitors.

Invest in a prayer kneeler or chair

You would want your prayer area to be comfortable so that you can pray for long hours without getting distracted by discomfort. To achieve this, consider adding a chair or a kneeler to this area.  You can also add a table to keep the Holy Bible and other items you could be using while praying. Adding these elements will create a resonance with what you see at a church.

This, in return, will help your subconscious to easily relax and get in the rhythm of praying. If you are looking to renovate a small, closet-like area into your praying room, layering the sitting area with thick cushions will keep you comfortable.

Keep a dedicated table to hold the prayer tools

Consider keeping a dedicated table in your prayer area. It will help you keep prayer-related belongings organized and accessible whenever you are there to pray.

Tables with drawers are a great pick as they have storage space to keep your Bible. Moreover, you can always decorate this spot during Christmas and Thanksgiving, showing your gratitude and love for the Lord.

Surround yourself with holy portraits and art

An incredibly effective way to keep your mind on God and prevent distractions is to instill holy portraits of Jesus. This will help you visualize His blessing and positivity upon you, strengthening your resolution to pray. It will also ensure that you are giving witness to Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.

Pray each day to integrate this corner into your life

Creating a prayer room is about more than just getting the right kneeler, comfortable chair, and table. You must still pray consistently.

Make it a practice to pray for at least 5 minutes. Express gratitude for everything you have and pray for things that matter to you. Indulge in spiritual journaling whenever you can, as it will help you leave a trace of your struggles and a way for the Lord to guide you.

Creating a space for yourself to pray is a great way to strengthen your bond with God. It helps you to de-stress, confide in, and find guidance through prayer. However, these praying spaces do not have to be big.

A small space made with a pure heart is enough to get started. Be sure to add furniture pieces to add more comfort and convenience to this spot. Clean it regularly, and continue upgrading your prayer area as you gain more clarity, find new ideas, and are ready to be innovative.

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