Books we are enjoying at our house – I See the Rhythm of Gospel and Sports Trivia Devotional Book Reviews

I have always loved to read and I am hoping that my children will also share that love with me.  T-boy has really been into reading for the past year (thanks to his pokemon books) but I am not going to complain because it has really sparked his interest in reading!  J-girl also enjoy bending – wait I meant looking at her books. She recently has received Elmo books and is well on her way to loving books too!

I think having a diverse collection of books in my home is a wonderful gift I can give my children. I like to read the whole book or at least skim through it before it comes into my home so I can feel comfortable having my kiddos investing their time and mind on it.  Do you fellow moms also “preview” books?

I See the Rhythm of Gospel book & CD Review

When I was given a copy of I See the Rhythm of Gospel book with accompanying CD I was truly intrigued.  Although I love to read I must say that I love music even more!  J-girl is also into music and is not a bad little dancer for being just 19 months old!  🙂  I See the Rhythm of Gospel by Toyomi Igus with painted illustrations by Michelle Wood is a beautiful picture book that brings together gospel music and Black History evocatively.

The book delivers a powerful and yet beautiful message to young readers across the globe with this heartfelt history of African Americans. I See the Rhythm of Gospel starts off with slavery in the 1500’s, touches on the invention of the cotton gin in 1793, travels through the Civil Rights movement and ends with the inauguration of America’s first African-American president in 2008.

informative and inspirational blend of poetry, art, and music

We have been enjoying the CD in the car for the past few days (our other nursery rhyme car CDs are enjoying the break as well). On the included bonus CD there are 5 Gospel songs representing different eras including a Gospel quartet, woman’s choir, Gospel soul, Gospel Power and a Holy Hip-Hop song (our favorite).  You and your child will enjoy the sights and sounds that you will find in this book.

Buy I See the Rhythm of Gospel

You can buy I See the Rhythm of Gospel on the Zondervan Website or other online retailers such as, and Barnes & Noble.

Sports Trivia Devotional Book Review

Looking for a positive devotional book for your son/daughter  who has a passion for sports?  I have a new book for you. The Sports Trivia Devotional by Dave Veerman and Dana Niesluchowski is a perfect blend of daily inspirational stories combining scripture, historical stories from the world’s best athletes and other fun facts.

T-boy is a very talented athlete and loves trivia and fun facts so this book was right up his ally.  He is learning lots of new information which is great for him. I feel wonderful knowing that little seeds of faith are being planted while he is reading this book as well. There are 50+ quizzes included throughout the book so T-boy and I have had lots of good times taking them, although I really need to brush up on my sports trivia!

Engaging book that combines highlights from classic and extreme sports with a fun, inspiring daily devotional

Sports Trivia Devotional is full of sports terminology, full color photos and illustrations and biographical facts. Your son, daughter will be encouraged by the lessons of successful athletes who used faith to get to where they are today.  The positive examples in these stories will help your young reader grow closer to God through their daily devotional time.

Buy The Sports Trivia Devotional

You can buy The Sports Trivia Devotional on the Zondervan Website or other online retailers such as, and Barnes & Noble.

This was not a paid post.My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Zondervan who provided the products for review.

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