A Daybook of Grace to Draw You Near to the Heart of God

There are habits and routines that we all get into. I was traveling last week while my husband took care of our children and home. As I prepared to leave, I kept listing things that I normally do for my kids based on the day. I told my husband the days each of my kids should wear athletic close for gym days, days to pack for sports, etc. I explained how I normally pack a piece of fruit and a fun snack like crackers for our kids for school, etc etc.

These are habits and routines that I do every day for my kids. It doesn’t mean that it is the only way things can be done, my husband is perfectly capable of doing things his way and it still working out. We all have our habits and one of them should be being in God’s Word daily. My pastor was just preaching about this on Sunday, we need to be in the Word daily if we want to grow. A great way to do this is through a devotional book.


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A Daybook of Grace Review

My friend and I have been wanting to read through an inspirational book together. A Daybook of Grace is the perfect book to read on your own or with another person. It is a year of devotions that will draw you nearer to God daily. It is an easy way to start the new habit or continue your routine of being in God’s word.

A Daybook of Grace includes a one-page devotional for every day of the year, with themes relevant to the time of year. Each page includes Bible verses, short devotion, and inspirational quotes from well-known historical figures and religious writers, and a short prayer starter.


Today’s lesson was about family and love. It starts off by asking if we have noticed that often we are gracious and kind to strangers but at the same time, we can be rude and unthankful with those we treasure the most – our family.  How do we resolve this? First, by living in a spirit of gratitude and actually being thankful for our family. Second, show your love to your family. James 2:17 states that faith without works is dead. So, maybe the best way to show your family that you love them is by acting it out.grace2

We all love our families but today’s lesson was a good reminder to show it and express it fully every day. I love the prayer above that was at the end of the passage too.

It is the perfect way to draw close to God each day as it will focus your thoughts on Him and His Word throughout the day.

I encourage you to put God into your daily habits of life- not that God is a “habit” but that it takes daily renewal to draw closer to Him and to grow stronger as a Christian.

Pick up a copy of A Daybook of Grace for just $14.95.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fall River Press who provided the product for review.

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