Gonna Start Drawing in my Bible

I have a really really hard time writing in books.  I don’t highlight, I don’t underline, and I don’t star anything.  This is true for books that I OWN.

The Adult Coloring Book Fad (which yes, I have been drawn into) has me in stitches, and reading what others highlight in digital Kindle books  REALLY stretches me..  Weird right?

My husband purchased a book this past fall to teach him some hand lettering techniques to expand his use of typesetting in his work.  And he showed me some examples of how people hand letter today…

Now, I have seen countless bibles from those in my church filled with note taking, highlights, scribbles, post it notes, and generally dog eared to death.  It’s almost a badge of honor… The more falling apart it all appears, the more you read it, the more you are respected… A weird Christian culture status symbol for sure.


But that logic is from the outside looking in.

No one colors notes up a Bible as a status symbol, they do it so they can remember their thoughts, contemplation, and meditation on specific verses and topics.

So, in my effort to be more in the Word of God, I”m going to push through my ink-in-book phobia and start marking in my bible.

I received product to facilitate this post.

New NIV Journal Bible

I saw some Journal Bibles in a catalog the other day, and I saw that Zondervan has some in NIV version.

A Journal Bible is MADE to be written inside of!

I’m not taking the tack of being ultra beautiful like some of the examples here,

but simply thoughtful, and highlight verses that I hear about on Sunday, in devotionals or even on Pinterest.

This is the Zondervan NIV Holy Bible Journal Edition with a premium leather cover.


It is gorgeous on the outside and the leather cover will keep this bible protected for years to come. The interior of the bible has plenty of room for taking notes, drawing, and journal as you can see below.  There are even lightly ruled lines to keep things neat and tidy.


Now, I’m a better blogger than I am an artist, but I am grateful that I get to add my connection to the Word in a way that I can keep a running tab of myself into the future, and that I can hand down to my kids.

You can purchase the NIV, Holy Bible, Journal Edition, Premium Leather on the Zondervan website with FREE Shipping for $129.99, other versions start at just $49.99.  It isn’t too soon to start shopping for graduation, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day gifts, to which this journal bible would be excellent.

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