What if We Decided to Think, Act, and Believe Like Jesus

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to study God’s Word? How is it going? As a Christian, I yearn to not only know more about the Bible but to become more Christ-like to my family, friends, and people I meet. I want them to see something different in me, something uncommon, I want them to see Jesus in me. I fail more often than I care to admit. The best way to become more Christ-like in our lives, actions, and thought-life is to be in God’s Word.

I have been reading a couple of books over the past couple months that are helping me in my spiritual growth.


Nothing replaces the Bible, however a guide that compliments it with life-applications is helpful.  I received Believe, NIV: A Topical Abridgement of the Bible along with the companion book, Think, Act, Be Like Jesus to review for this post. The two books work together to really discover 30 key beliefs, practices, and virtues that make up the core truths of the Bible.


Each corresponding chapter goes over each belief with scripture verses and a thoughtful discussion on what it means and what it looks like in today’s world, in our own little worlds.


I’ve found that these books have helped me in my personal reflection time to discover more about not just what I believe or why I believe but also how I can become more Christ-like with those beliefs. How do those beliefs play out in real life? How do we use those beliefs to think, act, and be like Jesus? It’s more than just being nice to people, it involves our whole heart and our whole lives.

It makes me wonder what the world would be like if we really did think, act, and believe like Jesus.

You can purchase the at retailers nationwide and on Amazon.com.

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