Give Your Daughter a Wholesome Alternative to The Dork Diaries

My daughter loves reading and is getting into chapter books. As a mom, I am careful about what my children watch on TV, the video games they play, music they listen to, and the books they read. It’s my responsibility to be the ‘gatekeeper’ of all things that influence my children’s young minds. That is why I decided to check out The Desperate Diva Diaries as a wholesome alternative to The Dork Diaries.

Have you heard of The Dork Diaries? If you haven’t, I’m sure your daughter has. It is a very popular series for girls that is similar in style to the Wimpy Kid series for boys. What I don’t like about The Dork Diaries is that is follows Nikki, a popularity-obsessed, materialistic, self-absorbed girl. Nikki is very superficial with her decisions but what I fear most is how she degrades herself constantly in the book, calling herself a loser, dork, and pathetic. I don’t want my daughter thinking this is ok or the norm.

Why would I let her read a book that is huge on consumerism and low on self-esteem?

 Give Your Daughter a Wholesome Alternative to The Dork Diaries

I have been reading The Desperate Diva Diaries with my 8 year old daughter. This book is perfect for girls ages 8-12.  I like that this book is both wholesome and entertaining.

Diva Diaries
Diva Diaries

I received a book to facilitate this post.

The Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship and Fashion Disasters (Desperate Diva Diaries Series) is an engaging book written in a diary format, giving the reader a glimpse into the life of a Christian girl named Catie. Catie Conrad has the same life situations, sibling issues, and dramas as other girls. She is a real girl trying to navigate middle-school with all the drama and struggles all kids go through. She keeps it real and positive by even including prayer requests in her diary.  Catie knows that even in tough situations that middle school brings like challenging friendships and bullies, everything in in God’s hands.Diva Diaries

The Desperate Diva Diaries demonstrates important lessons such as:

–        Why you should love your enemies, even bullies
–        How to keep a prayer journal and why it’s important
–        Lessons from Esther: How to be brave
–        Parenting with your tween’s interests in mind
–        The importance of art and self expression

If you are looking for a great chapter book for your 3rd – 7th grade daughter, I suggest checking out Desperate Diva Diaries.

The second book in the series, “Catie Conrad: How to Become the More (un)Popular Girl in Middle School” will release May 2015.

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