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Years ago, I would collect all the sales ads for local stores and drive from store to store buying the on sale items from each location, trying to save a buck.

Sure, I saved a few dollars but I wasted way too much time – and gas in the car!

The modern woman compares prices for their weekly necessities online, from the convenience of their home with

I received product to facilitate this post.

Save Time and Money with

I’ve shopped online for gifts for years now, it is such a time saver, especially at Christmas. That is the majority of my online shopping experience…until now.

I just tried out for the first time this month. It is a FREE service that allows you to price compare between 8 retailers (Walmart, Target, Amazon, Walgreens,,, and Costco) for all your weekly needs. Basically, you select an item and gives it to you at the best price going between the 8 retailers!

No more going through ads. No more driving from store to store.

With, you select the product and they give you the best deal.

I went shopping!

mySupermarket (2)

I bought plenty of groceries like taco shells, Parmesan cheese, flour, canned veggies, GoGo Squeez, trail mix, candy, and TRUE Lemon. I also shopped the pet ‘aisle’ for treats and a lint brush. In health & beauty, I picked up lotion, neosporin, sunscreen, handsoap, bandaids, and even allergy medication.

I found the prices across the board were right on. As you may notice, I didn’t buy cheap items, I bought name brand items – some of which were expensive individually like the allergy medication, sunscreen, Aveeno lotion, and dog treats – easily $10 each anywhere you buy them or more.

My order came to $90.44 with $10.96 shipping. I ended up getting shipping for free since it was over $75. offers some products with cashback. I got $20 in cashback, which is credited within a couple weeks to your paypal account. This brought my grand total down to only $59.48 for all of the above products! The average savings is about 20% for most people.

You can save more when you ‘clip and save’ with marked items. Some items have instant coupon for a certain dollar amount off like $5 off or others give you a percentage off like 20% off.

mySupermarket (4)

Other items give you incentive to buy two like ‘Buy 2 and save $1’ or ‘Buy 2 for $5’ instead of $2.69 each. It works just like the sales at the retailers but all convenient and available with the click of a mouse online.

mySupermarket (1)

One of the best parts is saving time! I ordered everything from my computer. I didn’t have to drive to the store, walk through the store, purchase the products, load them in my car, drive home, unload the products from my car, and take them inside my house. I simply clicked and had everything delivered to my door in a couple boxes.

mySupermarket (3)

About a week after my items showed up, I got an email inviting me to shop again. They gave me another $40 if I purchased another two shopping trips that were $75 or more each if I shopped in the next month.

Yes, please! I’ll take $40 off! That’s a HUGE coupon that you won’t find in your newspaper ads!

As if you can’t tell by this post, I’m hooked. I’m busy enough as a mom, if I can save time and money by shopping on, why wouldn’t I? Give it a try and tell me what you think.

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