Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes with all Natural Mosquito Repelling Granules from Dr. T’s

Nothing can ruin a fun outdoor event like a bunch of mosquitoes.  The past two summers have been particularly buggy for us.  We were looking for an effective way to combat the mosquitoes in our yard so we could enjoy being outdoors, but really didn’t want to have to resort to spreading chemicals that might be harmful for our family, including our two dogs.  I was thrilled to learn about Dr. T’s Natural Mosquito Repelling Granules.  I received products from Dr. T’s to facilitate my review.

How Do Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules Work?

Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules active ingredients are lemon grass, mint and garlic oil.  Sounds more like a marinade than a way to combat mosquitoes, but let me tell you, it works!  I can’t tell you how pleased I am that natural products like these can effectively keep away some of the most irritating – and dangerous -backyard creatures!

Sprinkle Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling granules in your yard and gardens – they’re people and pet friendly!

DSCN1553Within an hour or two of sprinkling the small granules on the ground, mosquitoes all but disappear from the treated area.

DSCN1555A 5 pound container of Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules covers about 4,000 square feet, and costs around $15.00.

Dr. T's Mosquito Repellent Sprinkled Around Plant
Dr. T’s Mosquito Repellent Granules Sprinkled Around Plant

We gave the mosquito repelling granules a try when we had about 45 people over to celebrate my husband’s birthday.  We knew we wanted to make use of our back patio and gardens, and had set up cocktail tables out there for the event.  It looked so classy and fun – like a mini-night club.  The only thing we were worried about on that early August evening was mosquitoes biting people.  A few hours before the party, my husband sprinkled the Dr. T’s granules all around our perennial gardens and yard.  Now all we could do was wait and see…

We put our faith in the Dr. T’s Mosquito Repelling Granules after we read reviews from loads of happy customers online.  And our faith was not misplaced!  Some of our guests spent the entire evening in the backyard listening to the live guitarist with nary a mosquito bite.  Honestly, while I was outside, I didn’t even see any mosquitoes milling about looking for victims…it was simply wonderful!  🙂  We and our guests were able to enjoy our pretty yard and live music with out worrying about mosquitoes.  Success!

You may be wondering if there was any smell to the product.  Once applied, we did not smell anything in our yard or gardens.  The product guide says the granules should be effective for about 2-3 weeks.  We had similar results.  We can’t wait to use this great product again next summer!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Dr. T’s who supplied the product for the review.

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