6 Years Old is a Good Age to Start Tackle Football

Although my fellow blogger Beth would disagree, I think football for the tougher 6 years olds is a great idea.  Its much better than having Elvis beat up on his smaller siblings. Who in turn beat downward (Elvis is 16, George 14, Geoff 13, and Olivia 4 – yes, it’s a big EGGO of a family – ha ha ha) .

Sure there is a risk of breaking bones, but the risk of having them (minus sweet happy accident Olivia) home and in a whirlwind of energy without an outlet is scary!  Football provides that warrior component of life that goes missing much in our society.

My husband is a diehard sports enthusiast.  He’s polite but he has always encouraged our kids VERY LOUDLY.   Sunday afternoons are pretty much off limits in our house because its FOOTBALL.  Even though the Browns haven’t been any good since we graduated high school, he still cheers.  Kind of dumb but he cheers.  Anyway, I am just going off on tangents… The apples, simply, do not fall far from the tree- that’s all I am saying.

So, football is in our blood, its what we do, its what we’ve always done.  We’ve had but one broken ankle in our tenure- it’s a good thing our kids have been big!  Which brings me to one last comment:

No whimpy kids

You know the kids that

  • grew up on butter sandwiches?
  • The ones that ate only chicken nuggets made up of 80% nugget and 20% chicken?
  • The ones who played so much Nintendo in June and July that in August they were the whitest at Geauga Lake?

Those are the kids who would break in half at PeeWee Football.  Life’s not fair I guess.  Just serve more beef.

So when you are browsing through your school’s activities list (and its time if you haven’t!) Skip the chess club, Skip the dramatic acting classes, and make it football!!!! (OK, he can do the wimpy stuff too, as long as football is first in extra curriculars)

???????What do you think?????

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