Help Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Disney Give 40,000 School Supply Kits to Kids

The majority of kids are either back in school this week or next. It is hard to believe! My kids are so excited about school this year. The best thing that I did to get them ready for back-to-school was getting them back on a bed-time schedule. Last week, I started getting them to bed a little earlier each night until it was their regular school-time bedtime.  Amazingly, it was pretty easy to do. They transitioned very well to getting to bed early and up early for school this week.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Disney Online Supply Drive

I can’t help but think about the kids that don’t have it as easy as my kids.  I know I spent over $50 on back-to-school supplies alone. Many families can’t afford this. This back-to-school season, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and long-time partner Disney have launched an online supply drive.  I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).

You can help with the online supply drive by completing a fun and educational online pop-quiz. Up to 40,000 school supply kits will be given to kids that attend the BGCA nationwide. The total number is is up to you!  For every 5 correct answers, a school supply donation will be made!


Can you believe that the BGCA have been helping kids in need for over 150 years?! The quiz questions are like these and other statistics about kids being served. For instance, did you know that 1 Million kids don’t graduate from high school each year? That is a scary statistic! The work of the BGCA is making a difference but they need our help.supplydrive1It only takes a few minutes to help the BGCA reach the goal of 40,000 supply kits. There are many kids that need the kids. Only 11,364 have been earned so far. Can you take a moment to help? The online school supply drive is such an easy way to make a difference.supplydrive

Setting Goals with Kids

The BGCA website has a ton of resources for parents to help their own kids reach educational and life goals. Did you know that parental involvement can increase their child’s grades to A’s by 20%? We play a key role in our children’s educational goals – don’t leave it all up to the teachers.  Below are a few things we can do as parents to give our children academic success.

  • Talk to your child about goals
  • Set goals with your child
  • Set a plan for the goals
  • Recognize progress of the goal with verbal praise and incentives
  • Talk regularly about their goals
  • Set and work together on family related goals
  • Be a positive role model
  • Talk with your child’s teacher to ensure goals match classroom efforts

When the new standards came out for Ohio kindergarteners, one teacher said that kids will learn what we expect of them. If we expect them to count to 20 by the end of kindergarten, then they will learn to count to 20. This was the case when my son was in kindergarten. If we expect them to count to 100, they will count to 100. This was the case with my daughter last year. In life, our kids will rise only as high as our lowest expectations. We have the ability to help our children succeed when we are involved.

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