Kids Can Earn Gifts for Kids in Need with CWIST

During Christmas, we spoil our kids. As parents, it is fun to give gifts to our children to see their delight. There is nothing wrong with the joy that comes from giving gifts to our children. However, there is a greater joy when you allow your children to give to kids that are less fortunate. It is even more rewarding when your child actually earns that gift instead of mom and dad buying a gift for a needy child. That is where CWIST comes in.

+I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This Christmas, consider giving your child a joy that comes only from giving with CWIST. With CWIST, your child can perform a learning challenge and in return, be rewarded with the opportunity to give a gift to a child in need. CWIST will give up to $2,000 worth of toys to kids in need once a CWIST is performed.  CWIST has a listing of children in need with their age and their toy wish. Have your child pick one that is close to their age or of a toy that is of their own interest. Untitled-1

You will see that many kids have their gift already fulfilled by other participates, with the “Wish Granted” tag. Once you select your child, select a CWIST. A CWIST is an educational game or activity that is based on your child’s age. Some take only a hour or so, and others will be accomplished over the course of a week or so. My kids have been learning about how all snowflakes are different based on the temperature, wind, etc in school.

We decided to learn more about Snowflakes with CWIST. We learned all about how snowflakes are formed with Youtube videos and links to websites on snow crystals and snowflakes. There were even short quizzes to ensure our kids were understanding it all! My kids loved learning about snow and now want to examine every snowflake against a black background and microscope!

With our project came an activity to create our own unique snowflake.

snowflakes snowflakeThere are so many opportunities for your kids to learn and grow with CWIST program from learning about snowflakes to volunteering in your community! I like that it is age-specific for young kids through about age 10. We chose to give our boy recipient a 7 in 1 Solar Transformer. We are sure he will love it!cwist

cwistAs a CWIST blogger ambassador, I would like to encourage you to join CWIST with your family this season. This was such a fun and easy way to teach kids to give back this holiday season, so they aren’t actually spoiled kids, but kids that understand that we should help those in need through great companies like CWIST.

CWIST is a fantastic online resource for all year long as well. You can let your child pick an educational task to accomplish in order to achieve a reward of your choice.

During Christmas break, keep your child’s brain active with activities from CWIST. Your kids will enjoy the activities, especially knowing that they can help a child in need as the reward!

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