Is Your Child Ready for Algebra? Find Out with Fit4Algebra FREE Screener

As a parent, we cannot have a complete understanding of what our children know about Algebra. The FREE Fit4Algebra Screener will give you an exact understanding on your child’s strengths and weaknesses so that he can be prepared.The screener is easy to use, your child will go through about 20 varying types of math problems, clicking on their answers.  If they have questions about the question, they can click for more instructions.

picture of Fit4Algebra Screener Questions
Fit4Algebra Screener Questions

Once your child is complete, parents can find the results under the “results” tab. From there, you will get a detailed assessment on your child’s skills. See example below.

Fit4Algebra Screener Results
picture of Fit4Algebra Screener Results

If my child was ready for Algebra, I would really appreciate the screener. It would allow me to see why skills my child is Strong, Moderate, and needs help to Build. Plus, this free screener gives you access to great tutorial videos to give your child more help in the areas they need it.

As a mom, I know that without a screener like this, I would have no idea if my child was stronger in geometry than integers or coordinating graphing. How could I possibly know that he needs more help in ratios and proportions than fractions? The Fit4Algebra is a tool every mom needs to take advantage of before their child starts algebra in school.

Why is Algebra Important?

According to Sylvan:

“A critical gateway subject, algebra is the foundation for higher-level mathematics and science courses in high-school, which in turn can open doors for college and lead to better careers and lifetime earning potential.”

Algebra can change your child’s whole course of academics and life. Did you know that kids that complete Algebra II are more than twice as likely to graduate from college, with a higher cumulative GPA compared to that took less math? Algebra is essential for kids to succeed as adults in life. Our global economy is changing, computers and technology is everywhere. If your child doesn’t understand and really “get” algebra, their possible career choices and earning potential will be significantly affected.

According to Making Math Work,

To succeed in this global economy in which computers and technology are pervasive, from the auto mechanics’ diagnostic  tune-up to the administration of diagnostic medical devices, workers without the knowledge and skills to use current and future technologies will experience limitations on their earnings potential and will be unprepared for further economic change.

How to Prepare Your Child for Algebra

After using the free Sylvan Learning Fit4Algebra screener, you will see what areas your child needs to develop skills in. Parents can set up a free consultation with Sylvan to see how help your child to be better prepared for algebra. Sylvan offers specially trained teachers that will offer a customized program for the skills your child needs to be ready for algebra.

Right now, we have been working on reading with my 1st grader. This is another one of those subjects where if he doesn’t learn it, it will handicap him from other subjects. Thankfully, his teachers have given us the tools we need to work with him, alongside them. He’s getting it! I know that once we hit the algebra years, we will be taking advantage of Sylvan Learning and their Fit4Algebra screener to see where he is with each component.

If you go into algebra with a solid foundation, with the support tools you need, there is no reason algebra has to be intimidating. Did you know that 41% of teens admit that their algebra work makes them more nervous than asking someone out on a date? That shouldn’t be the case when there are tools like Sylvan that can give your child the foundation and confidence that they so deserve.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Sylvan Learning and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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