Lola’s World App Gets Kids Ready for School

Are you looking for a fun way to improve your child’s school readiness? We all think our kids are smart but it is hard to know what they are suppose to know compared to other kids in their age group. What if there was a fun way to get your child ready for school that monitors how much they are learning and how that compares with peers? ready

Lola’s World is an app for the iPhone and iPad that provides hundreds of hours of educational and fun learning content by USA and Europe educators. It is a fun way to get kids ready for school.

This is a sponsored conversation for Lola’s World.

Lola’s World app adjusts the levels with your child as he progresses through the games and challenges. Not only that, but it allows you compare where your child is with other kids in that age group.

The Lola’s World application focuses on the first stages of math by teaching a child:

  • Measurement: Size, amounts and number comparisons
  • Patterns & Sorting: Match groups and amounts or comparing objects
  • Counting & Numbers: Number recognition and counting objects and numbers
  • Basic Operations: Addition with numbers and objects or number sequencing
  • Geometry & Colors: Recognize shapes and colors or build puzzles


Lola’s World makes getting ready for school fun. While your child is learning, they are also on an island adventure with air ships, beaches, jungles, mountains, and even treasure chests with golden coins.


Learn more about Lola’s World and other learning games on the Lola Panda website.

You can download Lola’s World app for use on both the iPhone and iPad. Android platforms will be added soon.

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