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What if there was a way to get kids excited about math like they are with video games? That would be pretty awesome, right? DimensionU is an alternate universe where math is fun, where kids play, learn, and earn rewards. DimensionU offers online math games for kids. This educational video game program gives kids all the video game action that they enjoy while throwing in math problems. Kids eagerly engage in the math problems because in doing so, they earn cool DimensionU rewards for new avatars and power ups, and the chance to earn an Educational Allowance, more on that below.

Check out this video summary of what DimensionU  is all about:

Sounds like a great program, right? Kids like it because they get rewarded for playing video games. Parents like it because their kids are practicing their math. A recent study showed that kids who use DimensionU increase their school letter grade by at least 1! DimensionU coordinates their program with curriculum standards in the USA, so they are going over the same topics as they are learning in school.

Educational Allowance

With DimensionU, you have the option of signing up for just $9.95 per year to participate in Educational Allowance. Or, you can get a free year subscription if you just invite 5 facebook friends to join. When kids reach that week’s challenge, they earn their educational allowance. You can choose between $5 – $20 of your choosing.  Once kids achieve their weekly challenge, they can save their educational allowance or turn it in for gift cards to places like Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

DimensionU Review

DimensionU is for kids grades 3 and up. Elijah is in 1st grade, however we were able to test the concept and games out with him. He enjoys educational games on the computer, so he eagerly tried.

picture of DimensionU educational video game
Online Math Games for Kids

He was able to play some of the actual games but we had to assist with the algebra as it is way beyond him at this point. He enjoyed playing the games and when I told him that he could compete with other players across the country, he smiled ear to ear!

He liked the Gadget Works game the best. For each game, your child will play at his level and get math problems to solve based on his skill level.  In this game, you have to complete a certain number of goals to build a gadget.

picture of DimensionU Gadget Works
DimensionU Gadget Works Online Math Games for Kids

Mixed within the game are math questions. If you get it wrong, you get gray matter which is not good. If you get them right, you earn extra points to build your gadget. At the end, you get a progress report.

picture of DimensionU Game Report
DimensionU Game Report

Once kids reach their weekly challenge, they can earn their Educational Allowance, if you have this set up on your account. I asked Elijah what he thought of this and he was all for it! In a couple years, we’ll start this program with him and I’m certain we will use the allowance to reward him. My kids have always done well with reward systems in place. It gives them a physical goal to reach. So, I know this will be a great program to use to reward my kids when they are old enough.

I also like that I can review their progress. As a parent, this allows me to see where they excel and where they are struggling in math. Plus, I can encourage them to meet their weekly goal by keeping track of how far they have reached at any given time of the week. This would be an excellent add-on while your kids are in school but especially good during the summer down months so your child keeps on track before the next school year.

Check out DimensionU with your kids today. You can sign up and play with their free version to see if you like it. Then, it is just $9.95 a year to add the Educational Allowance option at any time.  Or, you can get a free year subscription if you just invite 5 facebook friends to join.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for DimensionU. I received a free trial of DimensionU to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


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