Prevent Hearing Loss from Headphones with Kidz Gear

Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

Do your kids have their own headphones? How do they work? Do yourself (and them) a favor and try them out yourself. Chances are good that the quality is very poor and more of a “toy” than real headphones. Or, maybe you bought them ordinary adult headphones, did you know that could damage their ears? Most headphones can play sounds up to 120 decibels, causing hearing loss in just 1 hour 15 minutes.  In fact, 1 in 5 teens have some form of hearing loss.

I received product to facilitate this post.

Prevent Hearing Loss from Headphones with Kidz Gear

My solution to preventing hearing loss from headphones for my kids are the Kidz Gear headphones with KidzControl Volume Limit technology.Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

We’ve been using them since my kids were toddlers. Kidz Gear headphones perform with the same quality of adult products (not toys!) but with sound-limiting. They are also ergonomically designed to fit kids. Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

My kids are using the new colorful wired headphones for kids this year at school and at home.  My son enjoys the orange and my daughter likes her pink pair. At school, they use them for computer lab, at home, they use their headphones for listening to music, playing games on their phones or tablets, watching movies, and doing computer homework. They use them all the time.Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

They are soft and comfortable for kids as they are fully adjustable. My daughter’s headphones are adjusted tight here below and if you look at the very first picture, my son has his adjusted to almost the furthest point – it’s the same pair of headphones! Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

Another feature that my kids really like with Kidz Gear headphones is the inline volume control. It is so difficult for kids to adjust volume on devices, so this makes it very easy for them to adjust the volume by themselves. Plus, it won’t ever reach the 120 decibels that other devices reach, making this a safe alternative for kids. I know my kids won’t have hearing loss from the volume being too high.

I checked them out and asked my kids if they were loud enough and we all agree that the sound quality and volume is perfect. Your kids won’t miss the extra volume levels that could cause permanent hearing loss and you won’t have to worry!Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

If your kids are sharing a device, be sure to pick up the Kidz Gear Headphone Audio Splitter Cable too – this is a lifesaver in the car!
Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

For a limited time, get a FREE splitter cable when you purchase 2 KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones! Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

Protect your investment with a Headphone Carry Bag.
Headphone for Kids Kidz Gear

The carry bag is essential if your kids are packing their headphones in their backpack everyday or even carrying them around the house or to grandma’s house. Headphone for Kids Kidz GearKidz Gear headphones with KidzControl Volume Limit technology are priced at just $19.99. They are available in a variety of colors too!

headphones for kids

There are also headphones with a boom mic for just $29.99.

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