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Technology is a wonderful thing, however there are still benefits to the traditional notepad and pen, especially when it comes to memory retention and learning. Combining the two to get the best of both worlds is genius.  RoWrite is a Smart Writing Pad that allows you to take notes, capture ideas, and get creative with drawing while utilizing both technology and the pen and paper.

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RoWrite Smart Writing Pad Review

The RoWrite Smart Writing Pad offers endless possibilities for all ages. It is great for your child just learning his ABCs and equally as good for the business executive. Both groups can write or draw on paper and then share them electronically or just store them digitally.

With RoWrite, you can take notes or draw like you normally would on a piece of paper. That is just the beginning. The advanced flexible sensor tracks where the pen is on the notepad with pin point accuracy, creating a digital copy that can be seen instantly on your app – or you can just write and draw now and sync with the app later.

Why students need RoWrite

Many students of all ages are using technology in the classroom. From elementary school through college, students are bringing laptops to the classroom.  Educators are seeing negative side effects. Sure, students are typing more and taking more notes with laptops but they are not retaining that information. Hand writing notes helps students process material better because they are coordinating both verbal and fine movement systems. Plus, students who hand write notes are taking less notes – because it takes longer to write than type – however they are being more selective in note-taking, not typing verbatim. That actual act of being selective helps students make connections to the material as they select key points and write in such a way that they can recall the information later.

Using the RoWrite is the best of both worlds. Students can take hand-written notes and then edit and store digitally. They can even then share their handwritten or typed notes with peers.

The same is true for business professionals, using the RoWrite during meetings help you to process the information and retain it. Sharing one set of notes for everyone at the meeting (or not at the meeting) is easy and professional looking with RoWrite App.

Editing and Sharing with RoWrite

You end up with a digital copy of everything you write or draw on the paper that can be shared with anyone.  Plus, you can edit the digital files afterward – either on the notepad or digitally with the RoWrite App.

Chose your writing device and color for the ‘ink’ to update drawings, sketches, diagrams, and more.

My daughter is a story-writer and artist. She likes to write her stories in her notebook but has found that it is difficult to read writings from when she was younger. This app can either keep her stories in her own penmanship or turn it into typed words! Plus, it is digital with the app and can be stored safely forever.

Check out how easy it is to use the RoWrite app, even for kids.

This is my daughter’s beginning of her Owl Story. It is so sweet. Something like this is great for parents to store but also to share with family on social media or email. Plus, she can continue to edit this to add color to her owl.

The possibilities are endless with RoWrite for students and adults.  The benefits are just as endless – from better memory retention to impressive digital assets after a business meeting. This is a must-have to back-to-school, especially for college students.

Buy your own RoWrite Smart Writing Pad on the RoWrite website for $129.99. Get $20 off if you purchase by August 31, 2018 making the price only $109.99!

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