Summer Reading Fun with PJ Library: Free Books and Tips to Keep Kids Reading!

As summer rolls around, it brings the perfect opportunity to dive into some delightful reading with your children. I fondly remember the cherished moments spent reading to my kids when they were little, a time I now miss with two teens. The joy of sharing stories and watching their eyes light up with wonder was truly special. Now, you can create similar treasured memories with your little ones, thanks to PJ Library!

PJ Library is a wonderful non-profit organization that sends 240,000 free high-quality books to children across North America each month. They offer fantastic summer reading tips that make it easy for families to integrate reading into their everyday summer schedules. Here are some of their top suggestions:

  1. Take Books With You: Slip books into your beach bag, vacation carry-on, or stroller. On hot days at the park, encourage your child to take a break in the shade with a book of their choice. For vacations, select a special “vacation read” together with your child.
  2. Read Aloud Together: Studies show that children whose parents read aloud to them have better literacy and reading comprehension. Make it fun with silly voices and taking turns. This not only boosts vocabulary but also reinforces a love for reading and stories.
  3. Go to the Library: Local libraries often have free or inexpensive children’s programs during the summer. Visit the children’s section, and if your child is old enough, get them their own library card. Encourage them to pick out their own books, CDs, DVDs, and games.
  4. Let Kids Choose: Allow your children to pick what they want to read. If there’s a summer reading list from school, balance it with some free-choice materials. Don’t shy away from magazines or graphic novels.
  5. Make it Social: Join a summer reading challenge or a children’s book group. You can even start your own, combining reading with playdates and making new friends.
  6. Have a Reading Picnic: Pack a blanket, snacks, and a stack of favorite books. Find a nice spot and enjoy reading together outdoors. Don’t forget your sunscreen and bug spray!
  7. Make “Story Stones”: Collect stones and decorate them with paint, stickers, or markers. Use the stones to inspire stories, drawing one at a time to build a narrative together or solo.
  8. Keep Count: Use a Summer Reading Journal to log and rate all the books read over the summer. Keep it on the fridge to keep kids engaged and excited about their reading journey.

Looking for some great books to start the summer? Check out PJ Library’s recommendations available on their Amazon storefront:

For 2-6 Year Olds

For 9-12 Year Olds

But summer isn’t just about reading! PJ Library also offers Summertime Bingo, a free printable game with activities like building a sandcastle, cooking a healthy meal, having a dance party, and, of course, reading books.

Share this printable with your friends and start a fun summer reading adventure today. Visit PJ Library to sign up for your free monthly subscription for all children ages 0-12 in your household. It’s a fantastic way to encourage reading and introduce Jewish values and culture to your family.

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