Sleep Comfortable While Traveling with Cabeau

Do you travel a lot? We do regular regional traveling and some long distance. The worst part for me is that I can never sleep. I can’t sleep in the car or on a plane. If I do manage to fall asleep it’s very short lived and my just neck aches!  Now I can travel and rest comfortably thanks to my new Cabeau neck pillow.

comfortable with cabeau

Memory Foam is My Best Friend

I love my memory foam pillow in my bed so when I first touched the Cabeau Evolution Pillow Economy Plus and realized it was just as luxurious as my bed’s pillow. I was thrilled. I love that it doesn’t get to hot and provides firm, cozy support. It’s not so stiff that I can’t get comfortable it’s just firm enough to support my whole head and neck. I actually caught Doug sleeping in the recliner with the Cabeau pillow.

Cabeau pillow featuresRaised Side Supports

Cabeau’s raised side supports help keep my head from flopping over. I am one of those people who sleeps upright with my head bobbing to the side. It gives me a neck ache and sometimes a horrible headache. There have been times when I woke from a very short nap and would be almost in tears from the discomfort.

pink cabeauMedia Pocket

I love that I can easily slide my phone or an mp3 player into the side pocket on my Cabeau pillow and knock out to my own music. When I have used my mp3 while traveling I have always had to find a place to tuck it into. Sometimes I would use my sweatshirt pocket but sometimes I didn’t have an available pocket and would fall asleep with it in my hand and several times I dropped it. Now I don’t have to find a pocket, I always have one in my Cabeau pillow.

on a plane

The Perfect Travel Pillow

I am not messing around here this pillow is a dream some true. It compresses neatly into it’s own bag and the little toggle makes sure my pillow never slips off my neck!  Buy your own here at Cabeau’s website! You can also grab one below on

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