We Took the Allegra Outdoor Challenge – Will You?

Spring has sprung – how are your allergies?! With the warm weather, budding trees, and blooming flowers come sneezing, and itchy, watering eyes. It can keep you locked up inside if you let it.  Allegra invited my family to take the Allegra Outdoor Challenge by sending us fun sports items and Allegra to facilitate this post and to get outside and have fun!

Allegra Outdoor Challenge

Allegra has teamed up with WNBA All-Star Lisa Leslie to create the Allegra Outdoor Challenge. This is a series of fun and inexpensive workout tips that everyone can do as a family. The purpose is to get outside and have fun this Spring and Summer – with relief from allergies with Allegra.

WNBA All-Star Lisa Leslie is sharing Allegra Outdoor Challenge tips on the Allegra Facebook page this season to inspire you to have fun outdoors and exercise with your family.

It looks like she’s the mom who is active and actually playing with her kids at the playground – not sitting and checking their email on their phone! I’ve been both moms, I admit although I try to be the fun, active mom playing with her kids! Life is short and we all know how quickly kids grow up. Play with them while you can.

Be sure to check out the fun tips Lisa has on the Allegra Facebook page. One tip was to turn an ordinary hike into a scavenger hunt. She suggested coming up with a fun list of challenges like climbing over a log, or racing to the birch tree and back. My family hikes a lot, with the wealth of trails with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the MetroParks, we have a never-ending adventures just waiting for all of us in NE Ohio!

On our most recent hike, we turned it into a scavenger hunt. We all searched for things like ferns, signs of erosion, crooked tree, animals, spider webs, etc. It turns a ordinary walk into more of an adventure.

Afterwards, we played a little in the paved parking lot since there were not many cars around and the parking lot is huge. We played a little basketball and jump rope.  Having fun and staying active is good for kids and parents!

Get Outside with Allegra!

So, in order to play with out kids outdoors, Allegra is helping both adults and kids with long lasting relief from seasonal and indoor allergies that starts working within minutes. Plus, it is non-drowsy, so you have all the energy you need to keep up with your kids! And, kids have energy to play!

We have tried multiple allergy medications for my son in the past – some made him tired and others made him down-right cranky.  It was to the point a couple years ago that my outdoor-loving son started saying he’d just stay inside because his eyes would hurt too much from his allergies. I didn’t want that to happen! Eye drops do help but once we started using Allegra, all his symptoms became under control with no affect on his mood or body. We were so relieved. Allergies have been pretty much a non-issue the past 2 years with Allegra!

Allegra is available in a variety of products. For adults, choose from Allegra and Allegra-D for 12 or 24 hour relief. Kids ages 2 and up, can take Children’s Liquid or kids ages 6-12 can take the Children’s Meltable Tablets for 12 hour relief.

Interview with WNBA All-Star Lisa Leslie

I was able to interview WNBA All-Star Lisa Leslie and the Allegra team about having fun this Spring – regardless of allergies!

Do you have any fun go-to games that are fun for the whole family to enjoy together?

[exceptional-citing quoted=”wnba-all-star-lisa-leslie” template=”elegant” date=”” ]In my partnership with Allegra I’ve created fun and affordable family workout tips for this Spring. My family and I have recently been exercising the “Allegra Outdoor Challenge” tips below: [/exceptional-citing]
  • Yard Yoga: Grab beach towels and host yard yoga to encourage stretching, balance and focus.  Using a basketball for support you can try modified push-ups leaning on the ball for balance.
  • Jungle Gym: Playgrounds aren’t just for kids; all you need is the monkey bars, a park bench or a swing set to inspire some creative workout moves.  Hold on to a sturdy edge of a park bench and do leg-lifts or see who can hang from the monkey bars the longest.
  • Scavenger Hike: Turn a family hike into a scavenger hunt; come up with a fun list of challenges like climbing over a log, finding a pinecone, skipping down an entire trail or racing to the birch tree and back.
  • Driveway Drills: Using chalk and cardboard boxes you can create your own basketball court on the driveway.  Have the kids draw free throw lines and see who can bounce or throw the ball into the cardboard box “hoop.”
  • Time for Fun: Use your kitchen timer or a stopwatch to time kids in sprints, relays and jumping jack sessions; record times on a dry erase board to help kids track their personal best times.

What do you consider the #1 exercise that families can do together in the Spring – while having fun?

[exceptional-citing quoted=”wnba-all-star-lisa-leslie” template=”elegant” date=”” ]Since my kids and I love the outdoors we are constantly shooting hoops in our driveway. This gets the kids active and initiates friendly competition.[/exceptional-citing]

Is there a better time of day to take the family outside for fun and exercise as it pertains to allergies? Morning, noon, evening?

[exceptional-citing quoted=”wnba-all-star-lisa-leslie” template=”elegant” date=”” ]Allegra Allergy is currently approved for the relief of both indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms. Allegra Allergy starts working one hour after taking the medication, so whether you want to take your family outdoors in the morning or the afternoon your Allegra will be effective for 24 hours. Allegra is here to make your family time more convenient and enable you to start living![/exceptional-citing]

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