Why You Need a Staples Vayder Chair for Ergonomic Support

How many hours a day do you spend at your computer? If you are like many, about a quarter of the day or more. Do you experience back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, poor concentration, and poor posture? It could be because you don’t have the right desk chair. Even for your home office, it is crucial to have an ergonomic adjustable chair. You’ll feel better and be more productive!

Both my husband and I work from home, sitting at our desk for often 10 hours a day. Without good lumbar support, we just couldn’t do it. We received the opportunity to review the Staples Vayder Chair to put it to the test and to facilitate this post.


First of all, I really like the trendy tech look of the Staples Vayder Chair. It is a welcomed addition to our home office and is totally our style. Beyond that, this chair is amazing for it’s adjust-ability.  A good office chair should adjust to your particular body, offering you the exact support you need, especially lumbar support. If you have good support, you’ll be comfortable, have good posture, and be more productive.

As we all know, our lumbar spine has an inward curve. When we sit in a chair that doesn’t promote good posture, we slouch. This can cause all sorts of pain from headaches to shoulder pain to back pain.  The Staples Vayder Chair is an ergonomic chair that offers excellent lumbar support that is adjustable in both height and depth.
Lumbar support that is adjustable to your body is essential to supporting the inward curve of your lower back.  If it is supported, you’ll enjoy a healthy posture, increased comfort, improved concentration, better breathing, feel less fatigue, and have the endurance to work longer at your desk. I like that the Staples Vayder Chair adjusts in so many ways to be ergonomically correct for your body. Adjusting the various parts of the chair is easy to do with simple levers. If you and your husband or kids share the office chair, it can easily adjust in just a few moments.


Seat height is important too. My husband is 6’2″, he needs to adjust the chair totally different than I do at 5’7″. This chair has Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment that adjust with just one lever. Seat Height Adjustment

, $399.99: This professional desk chair is perfect for any home office. A Staples online survey shows that office workers spend at least a full quarter of their day in their office chairs – as much time as they spend in bed. The wrong chair can lead to back pain, poor posture and decreased productivity. The right chair can increase productivity and make your home office that much more comfortable!

A good ergonomic chair should have arm rests. The arms on the Staples Vayder Chair are adjustable in two directions.  Adjustable arm rests allow your arms to rest while working. When your arms rest, your shoulders rest too – eliminating shoulder pain.  You can easily adjust the height of the arm rests (vertically) and how forward you want the arm rest (horizontally).  I’ve never had an office chair do both before.chair-3

We have really enjoyed this chair and highly recommend it. It is comfortable, attractive, and promote good posture – something my husband has nagged me about with previous chairs I’ve used!  It is a sturdy chair that is rated for up to 250 lbs. It feels like a high quality piece of equipment that is built to last.

Buy the Staples Vayder Chair at Staples for $399.99. It would make a thoughtful and attractive gift for your loved one and welcomed addition to any home office.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Staples who provided the product for review.


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