How to Stop Dog Mounting

Nothing is more embarrassing than a dog that mounts everyone. This is twice as bad when it happens to be guests or children. Our dog Roxy use to mount or hump anyone and everyone. Even though she is spayed, she still would mount when she got excited.

Below is a video of Roxy playing with my nephew, she gets too excited and starts mounting him, he turned it into a conga line! He thought it was funny – as did the rest of my family who were roaring with laughter.

A dog that mounts is not funny to me. It is an annoying behavior that could even injure a child by knocking them down. Dogs mount for various reasons, it is a normal play behavior. It isn’t also sexual in nature. Dogs can mount as a display of dominance, admiration of the person, a form of play, or because they are excited or anxious.

How to Stop Dog Mounting

  • Tell your dog to STOP or another similar command to ensure he knows this is not acceptable behavior.
  • Refocus your dog to stop his instinctual response.
  • Put your dog in time-out to help him understand this is not acceptable behavior on people. Having him sit or lie down works well.
  • Spay or neuter your dog, the younger the better. It helps stop about 60% of mounting issues which is better than mounting everything and everyone in sight.
  • Reassert your authority as Top Dog so he knows he cannot participate in this behavior
  • Contact a local dog trainer to resolve issue

Our dog received training to facilitate this series of Dog Training posts.

How Sit Means Sit Cleveland- Akron Stopped Our Dog Mounting Issue

Last year, our dog Roxy went through a week-long dog training with the Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron. She is a completely new dog! She was very responsive to the training and a better, more confident dog because of it.


Now that she is a trained, obedient dog, Roxy doesn’t mount people as often. It has stopped by about 90%. If she does get excited and tries to mount someone, all we have to do is say “Off” and if that doesn’t work, we use vibrate her e-collar as reinforcement.  If that doesn’t work, we tell her to “Place” and she lies on her dog bed until we tell her to “Go Play.” These are all key words that Roxy learned through her training. She now knows what is expected of her and what is not allowed. Mounting people is not allowed in our home. It is so nice to have a polite, responsive dog – especially when guests come over to our home.

Check out all of our Dog Training posts for more ways to live happily with a well-behaved dog.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron for their ongoing relationship with Check out all of their dog training in Cleveland Akron area options on the Sit Means Sit website.

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