Summer Survival Guide for Families

We’ve all been there – overbooking events and activities!  Mom Central CEO, Stacy DeBroff shares her Summer survival guide for families to help them stay on top of important events and avoid “sticky situations” this spring season:

  • Organizing the calendars and not just closets Everyone automatically thinks of closets when they think of spring cleaning, but what about personal calendars? Sit down and input every event for the new month and set electronic reminders for a few weeks in advance so that you don’t forget about getting presents for birthday parties or picking up snacks for the lacrosse team.
  • Oh no. Not enough memory! We’ve all been there. Our cameras and camcorders run out of memory as soon as our children get up on stage for their solo or crack that game-winning home-run. Make sure to transfer any existing videos and pictures that you have on your phones or cameras the night before a big event so that you have plenty of space to capture all those important moments!
  •  Conserve Brain Space With so much to keep track of from band practice and dance rehearsals, our brains can get overloaded with too much information. Try shutting down all phones and computers at the end of a long day to give yourself some time to process important upcoming events.
  • “Pack a “Just in Case” Bag Sometimes when we’re at our kids’ baseball games or running around at the playground, we realize that we’ve forgotten essentials that will keep us going from one activity to the next throughout the day. Think of events that are coming up such as a play date or even a spontaneous weekend getaway and pack a bag filled with water, nutritious snacks, camera and Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes travel packs so that kids can wipe their hands just in case soap and water isn’t available.
  • Relax and Take a Breather Let’s face it. Sometimes, there are just those days where we forget to do something. Relax and take a deep breath. Worrying about missed events and priorities can sometimes make situations worse.
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