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When I was growing up, my siblings and I looked forward to family night or family time. It always involved doing something together whether at home or out. I remember always having fun together growing up and I’m so thankful to grow up in a close knit family. I want that for my kids too so we implemented family night years ago.

A&W Root Beer values family too. They are asking you to take the pledge to go technology-free for 1 hour every Friday night to spend time with your family. What better way is there than over a delicious root beer float?!
This is a sponsored post. A&W provided you with product and a gift card so that you could share my thoughts and information about A&W products with my readers.  

Make Time for Family Pledge

A&W Root Beer is giving families a challenge this year and asking you to take the pledge to make time for your family. Every Friday night, they are asking you to pledge to go technology free for 1 hour. That may seem like nothing to your family or it make sound impossible. We are all so technology driven and have screens begging for all of our attention 24/7 with apps, notifications, and other ‘important stuff. What is most important is not allowing technology to take priority over family. Setting aside just 1 hour a week can really do wonders for any family.

For me, when we say it is time to put phones, tablets, computers, and TV away, we get some mumbling. However, it is quickly followed up with the question of what we are going to do. We love spending time outdoors, especially in the summer. You can find us often at local parks as a family. One of our favorite year-round family night activities is game night. If you are looking for ideas, check out all our family night posts!

Once we settle on an activity, the second most important part is a great snack! If you have a difficult time getting your family to agree to family time together, mention food and they will all be on board, especially if it is a root beer float! 

There is something timeless and all-American about a root beer float that brings pure joy to people. I recall having root beer floats as a kid and so does my husband. It’s kinda odd how we all have the same kind of memory of this special treat. What makes it best is when you use A&W Root Beer, another timeless treat. A&W is celebrating 100 years of bringing smiling faces and joy to people everywhere.  In celebration of their anniversary and family time, they are giving you a FREE bottle of A&W Root Beer just for taking the pledge to take time for your family this season! It takes just a couple minutes to take the family time fun pledge and you’ll get your coupon for a FREE 2 liter of A&W Root Beer in your inbox!

With that 2 liter of A&W Root Beer, you can kick off family night with a bang with a root beer float. I choose Diet A&W Root Beer to cut down on carbs and calories, making it easy for everyone to enjoy this tasty treat.

If you want to make family night even more amazing, check out one of A&W Root Beer’s Float Recipes!  They have some pretty creative and fun recipes to try – you can try a new one every week like this loaded Brownie Sundae Root Beer Float! WOW!

You can even make family night special with this Family Fun Night box with everything you need to get family night started off right! We have dishes that are only used for special occasions.  Having a fun kit like this would get my kids excited! Once they would see my bring out the supplies, they would know it was time for fun. Sometimes that is all it takes to get kids excited, a little something special. This kit includes 4 plastic root beer mugs with spoons, paper straws, ice cream scoop, toppings, syrup, BOGO coupon, and a game dice. Buy the Family Fun Night box now to kick off your technology-free Friday family nights for only $25.

Like I said, when we tell kids it is technology-free time, we get a little resistance. You can probably expect that too. However, when you sweeten the deal with an A&W Root Beer Float, you are bond to get happy smiles quick! Once you get family night started off on this sweet note, conversations will start flowing, fun will be had, and life-long memories will be in progress. Hopefully my kids will look back on their childhood and have happy memories of the time we spent together for family night. I’m sure they won’t look back and wish they had more screen time!

I hope you’ll sign the pledge and start family night with your family too. Don’t forget to use that coupon for free A&W Root Beer too!

Make Great Memories!!!

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